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Glasgow MJER seminar Jan/ Feb

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  • Glasgow MJER seminar Jan/ Feb

    We are in the process of organising an MJER seminar in Glasgow, dates to be late Jan early Feb (depending on an answer from our Isle of Man friends). Anyone interested let me know and I'll forward the details....

    Tim Hamilton
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    Dates are now settled for the 8th and 9th of March due to hall availability. Venue is in West Kilbride. 10 Fees as usual go to the summer seminar fund for air tickets for our Japanese teachers.
    Instructors to be: Neil Kemp 6th dan MJER, myself at 5th dan, and with a bit of luck another 6th and two more 5th dan.
    Please email or use the private message area if you wish to attend. Depending on skill level of attendees, the class will be split into seiza and tate hiza no bu sections.

    Tim Hamilton


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      A note from Neil...
      The hall is booked from 12:00 to 19:30 on the Saturday and 09:30 to 16:30 on the Sunday. That should give people plenty of chance to travel up Saturday morning if they cannot make it over Friday night. It also gives half an hour to set up the hall on Sat. and take it all down on Sun.

      I intend the training to be split into two. Saturday will cover basics and concentrated practice through all the waza with the minimum of breaks. So come prepared to work hard. I would advise you to take a Niten bokken, or mogi-to, as well as a normal bokken and your iaito. Given the amount I want to get through on Saturday you will probably need something light to practice with. We did this in Japan and it worked well. It allowed us to concentrate on what the kensen and the body were doing and not over strain the arms and shoulders.

      You will need the iaito for the Sunday as I want to cover all 45 waza. Mudan, Shodan and new Nidan will concentrate on Seiza No Bu. Existing Nidan and Sandan will concetrate on Tatehiza no Bu. Yon dan and above will do Oku Iai and Bangai.

      There is a modest hotel near the dojo, 5 mins walk, it cost 20 per person per night fo B&B. Next door to it is the hotel I stayed at for 6 month when I first moved up, but it cost 60 - 75 per night. If you are only staying Saturday the cheap hotel should be OK. They are trying to get a Chinese Rest. on the premises, if they don't have it by then we can either go the posh hotel next door as they have a good value for money Bistro. Alternatively I would be happy to do a buffet and beer at my house if that helps keep the costs down )actually this would be quite good as it could be a bit of a house warming.)

      The people who rent me the hall are really great. They have asked if we could use a little cafe across from the dojo on Sunday lunch time. The owners ar happy to open it just for us if we are all interested. It would be 4 -4.50 for soup some sandwiches and tea or coffee. It is really quite good so let me know if you want to do this.

      Tim Hamilton


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        cant make it
        got a new job and cant take time off too early

        whens the next one


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          Brian's doing one the month after (usual long weekend) at his 'nuthouse' dojo...yup it really is in an insane asylum.
          (insert witticism here).....give him a ring for exacr date, not sure exactly when yet...


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            cheers dude
            nice pic btw