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2005 Kendo Expo, Nagano, August 31

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  • 2005 Kendo Expo, Nagano, August 31

    This sounds fun, I wish I was there...

    The first World Exposition in the 21st Century is opening from March 25 to September 25 at the near Nagoya area in Aichi Prefecture. All Japan Kendo Federation, in cooperation with the Aichi Kendo Federation, will hold as part of Expos official event, The Expo Kendo Festival. The event will try to introduce Kendo Japans traditional and representative culture in a modern and friendly manner through an assorted program to synergize with Expos main objective of dispatching messages from Japan to the world and from the present to the future. As shown on the theme poster designed by Ai Kaneko, we hope to convey widely the spirit of Kokenchiai (meaning that Kendo enables one to learn how to cherish one counterpart by engaging in shinai keiko) regardless of gender, age or nationality.

    Date and Time: Wednesday August 31, 2005 12:30-16:30

    Venue: Expo Dome, Nagakute in the World Exposition in Aichi (3,000 seats)


    Part 1: Sturdy keiko practice and discipline

    Contest for about 200 elementary and junior high school students in a field fight
    Keiko practice by girls and women

    Practice between winners of AJKF championship and kyoshi 7 Dan led by Masahiro Miyazaki

    Part 2: the beauty of Kendo kata and rationality

    Yagyu Shinkageryu, Kendo kata, Iai, Jodo, Naginata etc.

    Part 3: International Exhibition Match

    Exhibition matches by nine groups of foreign kendoists from 18 countries. This should be one of the highlights for those foreign kendoists to show the results of many years of keiko, whether working or studying in Japan.

    Part 4: Kendo beginner-toward the future

    Guidance to beginners, to teach the basics. What is Ippon which is the unification of the spirit and the body. Basic keiko practice. To watch a video showing Ichiro's ball hitting method which has a common trait with that of Kendo.

    Kendo Music contest

    ◇Kendo Music contest application entry can be done through our website. The winner will be announced on August 31.

    ◇Kendo animation a promising young author has come up for the first time with a new creation under the theme of Kendo. The video will be shown on the big screen of the Expo Dome on August 31.

    ◇ A tenugui with the Expo logo commemorating the event is now under production. Pre-sale will start from late April. Your cooperation will be of great help.

    ◇ Expo ticket: tickets are available through major play guides and at JR stations. Your entry to the Expo Dome is free. For bulk sales or discounts, please inquire as below: Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition

    〒450-0002 No. 2 Nagoya Dia building 4th floor, 3-15-1 Meieki Station, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya Tel. 052-569-2179 Fax: 052-588-3136

    ◇ Organizer: All Japan Kendo Federation Managing Organization: Aichi Prefecture Kendo Federation

    Inquiries on the program should be made to one of the two organizations above.

    Please note from time to time there will be notifications regarding the Expo Kendo Festival on our website.

    ◇ Sponsors: Toyota Motors, NTT West Japan, Japan Motorcycle Race Organization

    ◇ Co-sponsors: Asahi Shimbun, NHK, Central Japan Railway (JR Tokai), Board of Education of Aichi Prefecture

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    would be nice if someone goes tape the event


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      so today was the event (not nagano, but outside nagoya). i wanted to go but its a bit out of my way.

      anyway. who went? what was it like? and which team one in the non-japanese team match?

      the official program is up on the ZNKR site, so you can see the non japanese teams (plus everyone else who took part):

      plus there is info about a kendo anime for all you battosai folks.


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        Alexander Bennett and Hamish Robison were there. Maybe they have pics.


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          Arpad is going to be there! Woo~


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            pictures up on the ZNKR site.

            Japanese site:

            English site:

            the english section is, as usual, pretty empty in comparison to the japanese section.


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              What is this "Ichiro's ball hitting method"?

              EDIT: just realised that they were referring to Ichiro the famous baseball player.
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