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Summer Gasshuku with japanese sensei

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  • Summer Gasshuku with japanese sensei

    Dear members, I'm glad to share here the info about the seminar this year of MJER iaijutsu Yamauchi-ha Komei Jyuku with the 21st representative of this koryû: Sekiguchi Komei sensei. The town council give us the youth hostel for free for all the participants and their family/partners. We will train 4 hours each day, from 15h to 19h from 26 August to 2 September. We will train all the iaijutsu solo waza of the koryû as well some henka/kae waza. Also we will train the 18 waza o...f iai kumitachi which belongs to the series Tachi Uchi no Kurai Nanahon no kata and Tsume Iai no Kurai. Sekiguchi sensei does't discriminate because level, so everyone who asist this seminar will train the same waza as the seniors students. Also is posible that we can see some of the jujutsu waza inside the oral transmision of the ryûha. I anyone is interested please send PM for full registration in the seminar. The fees are 150€ full seminar or 30€ each iaijutsu training. Also we will organize in the morning a seminar with Shimizu Nobuko sensei that also will come from Japan for teach naginatajutsu. As many of you will know the MJER that teach Sekiguchi sensei is quite diferent from other lines, starting for using a big sword, of course if you have any questions about the history of the school go ahead here or via PM and feel free to ask anything. Also if you want to experience do iaijutsu with a bokutô of 3 shaku long we will have some for some participants. This is not a big seminar so anyone will have the oportunity to meet, train and talk with the 21 representative Sekiguchi Komei sensei. Also to this seminar will attend people from Europe, America (center) and Japan, 2 of the deshi will attend received the surname of the headmaster: Sekiguchi Seisui and Sekiguchi Kenryû. Also there will be 4 deshi that signed in the koryû as a monjin, so the high level in the training is granteed.