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Japanese Festival - Labor Day Weekend

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  • Japanese Festival - Labor Day Weekend


    On behalf of the Missouri Kendo Dojo I am inviting all Kenshi to St. Louis, MO for the annual Japanese Festival held at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The festival will take place over the Labor Day weekend (Sept. 3-5th). The Missouri Botanical Garden Sponsors a very big Japanese festival every year. The Garden is very big and beautiful. The festival promotes Japanese culture, music, Dancing and much, much, more.

    For the past three years the Missouri Kendo Dojo has preformed Kendo demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday. We will be doing so again this year. With the help of the Bloomington Mitsubishi Dojo we have been very successful and have been blessed with some very good sensei's to help.

    In addition to the demonstrations we have several group practices an plenty of matches over the holiday weekend. This year Koki Abe Sensei from Oklahoma City plans to attend. Come join in the fun and some great Kendo.

    Monday afternoon the St. Louis Cardinals plan to school the Chicago Cubs in a little game called Baseball ( this is intended to strike up the dander of any Chi Town fans and get you to come take part in some good kendo with good friends and chalk up a real good time.). Any one interested in attending please let Shawn know so he can reserve you a seat for the game.

    Further, we are willing to help in arranging hotel rooms, arranging accommodations with some of our club members, or accommodate you here at the dojo. Shawn lives above the dojo so staying at the dojo is no problem. Bring a sleeping bag and grab some space on the dojo floor where there is plenty of room. The place could use a little work, but the food and patio garden are excellent (my wife cooks some of the best gourmet Vietnamese food). Don't forget the swim suit, we have a pool in back and Mom and the kids are all welcome.


    Shawn Mc Gough
    Missouri Kendo Dojo
    5055 Alaska Ave.
    Saint Louis MO 63111

    More info:
    Missouri Botanical Gardens:

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    Oh man, that sounds awesome; I wish I were closer.

    Living above a dojo also sounds awesome.

    Have fun with the festival!


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      ....If you were to start walking now.......

      But seriously, maybe sometime in the future you could join us.


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        #2 mouse,

        You guys are so lucky to have Koki Abe sensei.
        He was awsome at the US Championships.
        In individual match, he lost to Hatakeyama-san (2002 indiv champion) 2-1, in quarter finals. And he never lost any match nor point in team competition.
        Team round robin, he was 3-0 with 6 points no pts scored, quarter final he won with 2-0 but SW team lost 2-3 (taisho match) to GNEK.

        I am so surprised that he did not get fighting spirit award


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          Yes, Abe sensei is very good. I had the pleasure/privledge to practice with him a few months ago when he stopped by our dojo while traveling. Not only does he play kendo very well but he teaches it well too. It was truely and honor.


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            P.S. We are trying to get enough attendance to be able to have an informal tournement. Our dojo will probably put up two 3 man teams.

            Any takers?
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              I didn't realize that Koki Abe-sensei was your sensei. He studied under Koki Ariga-sensei at Miami Valley (Dayton, OH). I saw him at the Summer Camp this past weekend. I didn't get a chance to speak with him, though.


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                I could only wish!


                Sorry, didn't mean to confuse anyone. Abe-sensei is not my sensei. He lives in Oklahoma. Our teacher is friends with Abe-sensei and when he is traveling Abe-sensei often stops by the dojo to spend the night and have a little practice.

                Speaking of which, Abe-sensei was here Tuesday. And I missed practice that day because of a cold!! Blast it!

                Always next time.


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                  The Kendo demonstration during the Japanese Festival will start between 12:00 and 12:30 on both Saturday and Sunday.

                  More details as to exactly where will follow.


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                    On Saturday the 3rd the Kendo demonstratin will begin at 12:30 and end at 1:30.

                    On Sunday the 4th. it will be 1:30 to 2:30.


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                      LOL!! I'll have to tell Abe-Sensei that he's thought of so highly on the boards. We've got a Sunday afternoon Zazen group that meets in the dojo.

                      I have to agree it is an absolute pleasure to study under Abe-Sensei. Yesterday we had a small class of beginners. As little (read: 'no') rank as I am, I was still the senior student. He turns to me a says, "Okay, start class", and walks to his spot. I have heard my mental gears grinding on many ocassions, but this was the first time I've ever smelled smoke. . .

                      Anyway, I guess I did everything okay, as he kept smiling and nodding his head. We then spent the next half hour on exactly how to sit down, and why. He went over every single detail from how long to wait after the senior student sits before you begin the process, to how to get around initial discomfort, to just how long it should take you to adjust your hakama when the call comes. Fantastic.


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                        For those who missed it, the Festival was really great. The two days we had kendo demonstrations drew a huge crowd around us to watch. Despite the fact that it was near 90 degrees (F), and cloudless, we were able to show good kendo to the people who attended.

                        Aside from the kendo demonstration, it was a great opportunity to meet people from other dojos, and as a visitor from another federation, I was greatly impressed by the quality of kendo I saw at the dojo practice before the demonstration, and also during the demonstration, especially with Abe-sensei from Oklahoma showcasing the events.

                        I would like to extend my thanks to the Missouri Kendo Dojo, Shawn McGlough-san, John Clemens-san, and to all of the people I met this past weekend. The hospitality and friendliness of all of them was exactly what kendo is about. I look forward to doing it again next year.