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  • Let's get this party started!!

    Okay, I would like to kick off this forum a bit... seems we need a little motivation here... so I would like to start off by posting some pics that were taken during a KW get together during May 2003. These are a couple of experimental shots I took... and yes, that IS nito being done.

    Okay, now YOUR turn


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    Hey! KYODAI!!!!!!! I remember that dojo well! In fact, I think I have gone against the guy that does nito, but it was around this time last year and I forgot his name.

    i miss japan.


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      Originally posted by tetsuoxb
      I forgot his name.
      See here >>>


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        My first day of Kendo...

        This is from my old Kendo photo stock. In fact this is my first series...I have plenty more to show, but I need to spend sometime and write a proper website for them!!

        Not sure about who the other person is. But the one in Jodan is definitely Mr Holt.

        (Japan Matsuri. May 19-20, 2001. Hyde Park, London. I started Kendo the week after.)


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          Of all the kendo pics i have take in the last 3+ years this has to be my favourite. This was taken at the 41 Annual Steveston Kendo Taikai in Vancouver BC, Canada in 2003. Our team (Team Calgary) had shocked everyone by making it to the finals defeating several of the favourites along the way. In this match our sensei Shiono-sensei had his kote picked off by one of the members of the Southern California Kendo Federation (2 were team usa members i believe).

          ohh.. "Calgary Rocks!"


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            Here's One

            Playing Around with my New Digital Camera.....


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              Probably one of my favorite Kendo/Kumdo photos of all time (it's just cool):

              Taken from the photo album of the Koryo Daehak's (Korea University) Kumdo Club. In fact, the rest of the photo album that they have there is very good and contains some very cool and interesting Kumdo photos. Above all, it gives a glimpse into what life and Kendo training for the Korean college student must be like. There's something really awesome about taking a look into a day of the life of fellow kendoka from across the globe.


              (It's in Korean but it's not too hard to figure everything out. Each of the links is a different photo album!)


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                A thought just popped to me in my mind....

                The picture is interesting as the match is probably taking place outside. I don't know much, but from what I've seen, the only picture of Kendo being praticed outside was from a picture from Gordon Warner's This Is Kendo of keiko on the beach, which must be a fantastic experience. Why is it that I haven't seen more Kendo in the great outdoors? Its true that fumikomi might not be so loud outside but still... I can imagine it's an entire different experience. Instead of a dojo environment, the sky's the limit and just being outdoors must have some sort of interesting effect on one's Kendo....


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                  fROM the WKC:

                  Seiza no Kamae!