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Found NEW "kendo" pic!

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  • Found NEW "kendo" pic!

    check it:


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    if you're still laughing over that pick (like i am), consider what they teach..

    in case anybody's interested, do a google search on em... they offer instruction in the following courses:

    Basic and Advanced Exercises
    Specific Okazaki Exercises: Kowami (21 Methods)
    Basic Rolling and Falling (Over 20 Methods)
    Basic and Advanced Stances (14)
    Randori [Judo] (27 Methods & Techniques)
    Advanced Allopathic 1st Aid Methods
    Concentration and Breathing Exercises
    Okazaki Restoration Massage
    Standard Shiatsu: Points and Methods
    Kempo Jitsu (Karate)
    Anatomy & Physiology (Western)
    Yawara (20 Hand Techniques)
    Nage No Kata (20 Throwing Arts)
    Shime No Kata (25 Choking & Constriction Arts)
    Oku No Kata (25 Advanced Joint Locking Methods)
    Advanced Yawara (31 Advanced Hand Methods)
    Kiai No Maki (Over 100 Weapons and Kiai Techniques)
    Katsu and Kapo (36 Resuscitation Techniques)
    Seifukujitsu (52 Oriental Restoration Arts)
    Shinen No Maki (36 Black Belt Arts)
    Shinyo No Maki (28 Advanced Black Belt Arts)
    Shinjin No Maki (36 Master's Arts)
    CMT & OBT Instruction & Certification
    Instructional Methods Course
    Police Tactics Course (Beg., Int., Adv.)
    Sports Injury Course

    hahahahahaha... there ya go!
    wasn't there a thread around here about "share your pics and stories of crazy whack "instructors"?


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      sorry fellas.. i can't get the link to work now...

      take my word for it.. it was pretty good.


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        Originally posted by tango
        sorry fellas.. i can't get the link to work now...

        take my word for it.. it was pretty good.
        pity, anyone that could teach all that i would like to see, thay must be superhuman or something. or just have a lot of very gullible students.
        dammit, i really want to see what they look like, but oh well


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          well it's not just one instructor... it's a group of "black belts" (y'know.. the 10th dan in 3 different styles and 9th dan in a 4th style, plus 7 or 8 other "grandmasters") that teach as a group... so Sensei So-and-so teaches XYZ on this day and then Sifu So-and-What teaches MNB on that day, etc, etc, etc...

          So there's no real "head instructor" I suppose... kinda like a "joint venture" of "head instructor grandmasters"...

          you could of course google "christian jujitsu association" and it'll take ya to the main page and they have lotsa pictures... the kendo picture is towards the bottom of the long list (if i recall correctly)...

          be sure to excercise your eyeballs before reading the site, because you'll be rolling your eyes quite a bit..


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            tell me if my eye's are fooling me, are they wearing a baseball gear? and boken kata with a rifle?

            I'm not trying to badmouth them or anything but there seems to be a lot of things going on for a Christian JUJITSU association I mean stealth excercise in army camo, blowgun classes, law enforcemnt tactics? sound like they're breeding an army to me.


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              just a bunch of morons.

              actually, the "kendo" picture looks as if they're wearing a very old style of taekwondo sparring gear.

              ...and i, too, was wondering about the kendo kata with rifles vs. bokken.

              bunch of crackpot yahoos.


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                Originally posted by tango
                ...and i, too, was wondering about the kendo kata with rifles vs. bokken.
                I am unable to view the picture you are talking about but maybe they were doing juu-kendo (not bloody likely!). But the fact that they tagged on the word Christian tells me that they are a bunch of crackpot morons.


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                  Sorry about the direct link to the pic not working..

                  here's a link to their main page:


                  click on pictures (from the link on the left)..
                  the "picture gallery" is automatically set up on "event pictures" (takes a second to load everything).. don't bother with the 'historical interest pics' or the 'dojo pics'.. not worth it.

                  the kendo pic is 5th from the bottom of the page.

                  btw, it doesn't look like taekowndo sparring gear... it's a baseball catcher's gear.. chest protector (covers the shoulders as well), full face mask and helmet.. maybe some kind of sparring gloves..


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                    Wow that is sad and funny. Remember class when going into sonkyo always point your kensen at your opponents clouds (or was that throat I always get those mixed up.)



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                      lmao the kendo kata pic was kinda sad.....
                      man those people must be really gullible-_-;;;


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                        I like how they represent every form of martial art known to man. Somebody PM me when the Christian Bujutsu Association decides to teach people how to shoot lasers out of their eyes -- I'll be the first to sign up.


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                          Bahahaha! Love the picture!


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                            Even if the "sensei" (I dont think a 5th dan could teach that and feel good about his life) did teach these people incorrectly, its still hurtful to the organization-although funny- to laugh at them. Im not slapping your hand or anything, but I dont think its very respectful to dog on their organization. If your at a kendo tourney and you see a specific school that doesnt do well, do you flat out laugh at them or commend their intrest in kendo. These people obviously havn't had the chance for a good exposure of kendo, and I can't rightfully post something about the bad things being taught. Also, for the majority of you, that have a well expeirience in kendo- Im kind of dissapointed that kendo has been watered down that badly to let disrespect be accepted, especially on a kendo board that some very good sensei read. What name does that put on your dojo, when a person does this? Its just an observation from me about others. I dont mean to yell at you, or anyway make you feel bad, but Im saying you should be more respectfull.


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                              For me its more the connotations they have between religion and martial arts... last time that sort of thing went on it was called 'the Crusades' and a lot of people got hurt... my religion has nothing to do with what I do as a martial artist.