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Kendo fast sketches!

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  • Kendo fast sketches!

    i did some fast sketches inspired in the trainings, hope you like it.

    should ive posted just the links?... dont know how it works here.. sorry:1

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    very nice!


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      Very nice, stylized. I think I will use them as desktop backgrounds if that is ok by you.


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        thanks guys. Of course you can use it as wallpaper, you can use it at will, unless it is for commercial use of course.

        i feel flattered that you wanna use it as wallpapers


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          sweet!! they look really cool !! i like that!!


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            I like 'em too, think I'll also try one on my desktop for awhile. I'll ask for more when I need a change of scenery. Nice work!


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              it looks kinda flashy.....get it micromedia flash, flashy....forget it
              anyways just curious, waht did you use to make those sketches because I'm having a hell of a time in digital coloring.


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                Very nice. I hope you will make some T-Shirts.


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                  Ever thought of making some posters? I can see those things being used for tourney advertisement.

                  You now have a competitor Mingshi


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                    Sweet!! Can you make a couple 1600 x 1200 for full desktops?


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                      I'm really impressed - though simplistic, the sketchy and weaving lines only add to the sense of motion and movement within the bouts. If only it were on a t-shirt...


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                        thanks guys, so many replies.. you are all great!

                        i did it in photoshop with a wacom, about 100% opacity in the brush so thats why it looks flashy(vectorial), but i did it really fast, no more than 5 minutes per each, the wonders of wacom...

                        its awesome that someone wants to have it in a shirt, my ego is in the sky!! i cant do a shirt cose there is no money. but i would be totally happy if my art would be used as kendo promotional stuff... i wish..

                        CKohalyk, i can do higher res next time, this ones were really fast i didnt really bothered with res.. i wasnt hoping so much love from peopleif i resize those to 1600 they will look crappy, i guess.. becouse the images are simple it could be used some vectorial program to trace them, but i dont have any vectorial softwere now. ill sure be more concerned with resolution for the next ones ill do(and ill have time soon).

                        thanks everyone again for the kind comments.


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                          Now really.. i was thinking i could open a shop at if you guys are really interested in buying t-shirts and stuff. i would like feedback on that, if people really like it ill sure do it.

                          and more:

                          this one is my favorite, i really got what i wanted:

                          more to come for sure, you ppl are so nice i couldnt stop myself.

                          if someone wants highres wallpapers just say and ill update(for this last 3) and say the resolution too pls.


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                            Very cool pics!

                            Nice and simple and yet complex

                            Keep up the good art work!!


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                              Nice job :-) what wacom tablet do you use ? Just curious, i am thinking about buying one ...