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Finished up my dojo's website

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  • Finished up my dojo's website

    So, a while back I (foolishly) volunteered to create a website for the dojo I go to.

    Why do I say foolishly? Well, because I had no idea how to make a website, but figured it can't be too hard these days with all of these web tools/services out there.

    I was more, or less, correct. Ended up using Wordpress, which made things relatively simple.

    Finished result below, check it:

    Be gentle.

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    not too bad at all, I say!


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      I really like it! Looks classy and isn't cluttered.

      There are only two things that I would think about changing, and they aren't big at all.
      In the history page, I would add an extra return between the sections, because it is a little bit cramped. (or the headers a tiny bit bigger)
      This one is just personal, but I would have ordered the menu bar differently with everything in the same order except at the end going Fees, gallery, contact. (or gallery, fees, contact).

      Otherwise, it looks great!


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        Looking good!


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          I'm not a fan of the colour scheme, but that's personal: I dislike dark websites unless they have a good reason to be dark. In your case I understand you picked them to match the ukyoe print at the top.

          It's funny that you should start this thread, because just last week I finished the concept for the new website of our dojo. Like you, I also went with Wordpress. Not necessarily because it's such great software (it's good though!), but because it's easy enough for our non-IT sensei to edit the site and to add news articles.

          The original website
          The current concept website

          It's not finished yet, as most of the content is from the old site. Still a few nails to hammer down before we can start thinking of putting it on the live site.


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            Let me follow up with some more feedback, instead of yacking about our own site

            The menu on the right? Ditch it or at least fill it with useful stuff.
            * The categories box currently adds nothing and it's useless if you don't make a dozen posts a week/month.
            * The meta box only serves to confuse your visitors. Surely you don't need it for the login link, as you can bookmark that

            Events? I'd make the PDF available for download, but also copy its contents to the page. You don't want people to have to leave your site to read the actual information.

            Gallery? You guys have a great floor! I'm jealous

            Dojo fees? In this case you REALLY don't need the PDF. Put the info on the site. Better yet, include the info on one of the other tabs, like the beginners page.

            Locations? Include links to Google Maps, so people can immediately see the location of the address. Including a GM box for each address might be too much, what with the amount of addresses you have.

            Good start for a new site! Now start filling it and polishing it


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              Editing can include -
              paragraph 2: spelling error, so recer change to recREation; para 3, not semi-colon but colon= use : or nothing (hold practices at: / hold practices at...; para 4, participated...and provided (not providing) is better (verb parallelism).
              Teaching - Our teaching taught to students both men and women - change to "is taught to males and females" of all ages ("both" is redundant, and if you teach kids, then "men/women" eliminates them.Or just Our teaching program is for males and females of all ages. (if it's a teaching program, it is taught, so 2nd taught is redundant) Also, more friendly may be "We welcome males and females of all ages (or) welome people of all ages.
              Senseis - Yoshinari Miyata sensei "reached the coveted the" so omit 2nd the. Takao sensei taught bayonets, omit "s" and put
              bayonet or the bayonet.
              Only had time to read thus far, but hope comments were gentle enuf?
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                Originally posted by Tort-Speed View Post
                Senseis - Yoshinari Miyata sensei "reached the coveted the" so omit 2nd the. Takao sensei taught bayonets, omit "s" and put
                bayonet or the bayonet.
                Speaking of... I'm told that Japanese has no plural form of nouns. So it's: one sensei, two sensei. one dojo, two dojo. Etc. Drop the s-es.


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                  Good point (hakama & kimono maybe also no "s" added)! Perhaps picky, but wondering if Sensei should 't start with a capital
                  "s" sort of like we might write, "Do you know Professor Bennett, the great athlete"? Yoshinari Miyata Sensei/Takao Sensei, or small "s"?


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                    I'm not sure about rules in the english language about capitalizing titles and such. I for one never do.


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                      I like it, but when I open it I get a warning from my firewall (Zone Alarm) "This website is suspicious. Leave now unless you know this site is safe."
                      You'll probably want to look into that.


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                        Website is good enough. Questions is who can update the info ? I suggest to use both website plus Facebook + Twitter to share info to other people on timely manner.


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                          Questions is who can update the info ?

                          In the case of our own website I intend to fully hammer down the responsibilities and such. I would like to ensure that sensei and his trusted people are the ones providing content and that they themselves input it into the website. That's exactly why I chose Wordpress: the CMS is easy enough to understand for the layperson.

                          I would only want to be called in for technical issues etc, so the site doesn't become a dayjob


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                            Seems Scott H hasn't checked back in to comment on the above postings so will leave it where I left off. Apologies if typos and
                            stuff in what wasn't read yet, and if what I did suggest is #%$&@! Good luck in the interest of Kendo and "The Spirit" anyhoo.


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                              Thanks for all the comments folks. Spelling/typos to be addressed. Some polishing to take place over time as well.