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Beautiful Koryu kata and some pre-war kendo

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  • Beautiful Koryu kata and some pre-war kendo

    Showa era sensei Haga Junichi.
    Near the end of the footage we can see some pre-war kendo (it reminds me of modern MMA)

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    Haga Junichi impressive keiko. Still we can see some "old kendo" waza like the kneeling do.


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      The grappling in the first video is so weird to watch. Can you imagine if this was still part of Kendo today!


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        Thanks for sharing.


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          Wowy woo.

          I was told this style was shunned and somewhat of a brute-ish, bad-boy Kendo. I could see this expressed in the Youtube comments. It doesn't seem like anyone is shunning it here though. Does anyone go to a dojo for Pre-War Kendo?

          My only experience with Kendo so far was with this style. I only had 1 "real" session where there was grappling involved, but the body checking and full swing, rapid fire strikes were a part of every practice. The practice and fighting was very intense.

          Personally, I felt very confident and fulfilled after practice. Even after a rigorous Aikido class, I don't feel that same sense of calm as did after Haga Kendo. It's very hard on your shinai and bogu though!


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            Very Impressive, thank you for sharing, grazie