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    "What is kendo?" is the title of a file that you can find in, the download page of the Portuguese Kendo Association. It's one of works that I conceved, produced, directed, edited and "voiceovered" during my 5 weeks stay in London, in a workshop in the New York Film Academy of the limey capital.
    The file is available in two sizes: 1.2 MB(BUUUU) and 8,5 MB(eh, ok).
    Hope you like it. Feedback is wellcome.

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    It kind of reminds me of those old educational videos you see in elementary school. But, the video itself was nice. The video does its job, but I think the video is too short for what it is trying to convey. They don't have to go into too much detail to confuse others not familiar with the sport, but more could be covered.


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      *From a former film student's point of view*
      I don't think it was too short. I think it was to the point and a good length that would not bore those who are not interested in kendo. It has to appeal to everyone, not just kendo people.
      I think that lack of variety in shots made it a little stale. I don't know how long you had to shoot but for the datotsu demonstration it would have been nice to have just a pair demonstrating from several different angles.
      The editing was very nice. Alot of fades though. Did you use video toaster?


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        You know, xvikingx, funny you say that, because that was exactly my first intention; but as a former film student, you know better than anybody that Murphy's laws sometimes, always, apply to shooting.
        I wanted to have Miyamura sensei (the "talking head"), and Masagaki sensei to do that part, but as soon has the class finished, the guys who were gonna use the same space, a basketball team, they immediately started warming up, so I guess in the end I was lucky, at least I managed to have Miyamura sensei talking on camera.
        So in order to solve the problem, and because I only had one saturday class to shoot in Wakaba Kendo club, the only thing I could do was to get the classical datotsu area figure you can find in a zillion sites on the internet, download, put it on photoshop... now its red, now it not, now its red...
        But I couldn't agree more you, I wish I had two guys demonstrating the datotsu part.
        Thanks for your feedback.


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          I hope I didn't sound too critical. I really think it is great. Actually for only being able to shoot one night, you got a lot of good footage. Thanks for sharing with us.


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            Not bad!. Had extra value for me, as I practice at Wakaba dojo
            (I was still in New Zealand when this was shot)
            I like the tempo in the film...and for a non-staged, 1 session shoot, the material is pretty good.



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     it just me or...? The DSL download is 1.5MB and it doesn't unzip...

              But I did get the smaller one - looks cool! well done! Yeah if you have enough time then the kihon stuff would better be off a different angle, as it would be clearer. But the pace is good, and it explains what is necessary for outsiders.

              Btw was this filmed on 14 Feb? I happened to pop by that day and spotted some film crew...


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                Originally posted by mingshi
                ...Btw was this filmed on 14 Feb? I happened to pop by that day and spotted some film crew...
                Yes it was done feb. 14th. I had to check the calendar and it must be the day. The "crew" you mencioned it was me and a fellow student from NYFA London.
                Talk about a small world.