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WVU Kendo Club...demo pics/write-up

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  • WVU Kendo Club...demo pics/write-up

    Hey all...

    Our newly formed university kendo club had a demonstration in the main area of the student union. Lets just say that our kiai attracted lots of lunch-eating people to come and watch. It was great!

    I put the pictures up on my website here. Follow the Photo Gallery link.

    Also there is a write-up on the main page, check it out!


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    Congratulations! Here's wishing you (and your new dojo) many many good years of kendo!


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      Thanks Andoru! Thats appreciated!

      The guy thats teaching us is actually a good friend of Alex and Hamish (the Kendo World guys). He lived with them in New Zealand before going to Guatemala, then here.

      So, I feel a very close connection to Kendo World.


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        That was pretty cool. I should asked my friend to do the same thing you did. He recently started a Kendo Clube at UTD and the word hasnt really gone out yet. So far its only a word of mouth and a couple of fliers.


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          congrats man.

          thats really cool, when you first came here asking for dojos and advise and what not, and now you got a dojo full set up! hah, kickass. time sure flies....

          best wishes to your dojo.


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            Thanks Paburo!

            Yeah I remember the good ole days hanging out the the Official Kendo World Chat Room with you and Mingshi and crew. That was fun.

            Yeah, I really tried hard to get a dojo/club set up last year but didn't have any luck. This year I received a gift from the Kendo gods (and from Alex and Hamish...haha) with the sensei that showed up on my doorstep. I found a couple other people who were semi-interested and took it from there. Couldn't have worked out better!

            We've got 19-20 people coming twice a week...which is really a lot more than I expected. We're hoping to have them all in bogu sometime soon after christmas. That's when the real fun will start.

            Anyways, thanks for checking out my site and such. I think your site is a bit better than mine however. I'll post a link to the club website after I finish it. I'm using your site as my competition Paburo!