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My 2-Dan grading - successful

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  • My 2-Dan grading - successful

    Hi everyone

    I successfully passed the Nidan grading examination two weeks ago and this is the video. I'm the guy on the left.
    During the examination, I mainly tried to use shikake waza because I think it's the most important for me at the moment. I'm a beginner and, from my point of view, I must acquire more offensive techniques.

    First jigeiko : my opponent was always far away from me (most of the time at toma no maai) so I tried to show my basic understanding of seme. Finding my own striking distance. I tried a renzoku waza ( kote men ) and one oji waza ( nuki kote ) but most of the time I was focused on men strike.

    Second jigeiko : Well, that jigeiko was really short, only 32 seconds.

    Any advices are welcome.

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    Congratulations! The first keiko took longer because you took longer to show the judges what they needed to see to pass you.


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      Many congrats. Now, tighten those himo and onwards.