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Rant: Master exalted title or Conceit?

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  • Rant: Master exalted title or Conceit?

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    Hey hey, I have a Masters Of Science. I'm gonna let my sensei know to start addressing me appropriately now!* Never thought of this until I saw your vid. Many thanks!

    *no frickin' way I am


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      This is a Western language issue. In Japanese there's no real direct translation of "master" and we've had plenty of discussion about the use of the term "sensei" already (e.g. Japanese usage is not as strict as used in Western budo circles).

      The (in broad terms) Chinese term "shifu" gets translated as "master" but it means something closer to "expert" rather than connote a social relationship. Interestingly, the kanji for "sensei" is used in the Chinese context to mean "mister" (exclusively male).


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        I too think it's a translation issue. Schools in India used to have (some still do) Headmasters and teachers (usually male) were referred to as 'masterji' (master + honorific, sort of like Mr. Master), regardless of how many years of experience they had.


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          Regardless of the origin of the term, in general when someone refers to themself as "master" it's a red flag.


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            Anyone believing in such claims is what raises red flags (or maybe facepalms) for me. There will always be frauds and demagogues just was there will always be diseases. Better vaccinate.
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