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  • Calligraphy

    Anyone know where I can get this written 'calligraphicaly'?

    剣の 道を 生る

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    You can try here:

    Though I make no claims as far as how good they are (never used them for calligraphy), but it seems like they offer tons of different options.


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      I would be more partial to Eri Takase for calligraphy work. While Mr. Cann's works are very nice, I don't know that you could consider them traditional. Quoted from Takase sensei's page:

      While this work is remarkably different from the others shown above, note the absence of color and of anything other than the Chinese characters on Japanese paper. Japanese calligraphy is a traditional art and the artist must work strictly within the set confines. As an example, to add any color or sumi-e drawing to the work would mean instant disqualification.
      Regardless of traditionalism, I find Takase sensei's works to be more pleasing to my eye, but then that's a personal preference, so it really depends on what you want.

      Two things that stand out to me though: Mr. Cann's page is titled "Shodo by Master Calligrapher Hugh Cann". He is only listed as having a third dan in Shodo, and it's not specified what organization ranked him. Takase sensei is Shihan in Bokuteki-kai and Bunka Shodo.

      The second thing that gets me is the price. Mr. Cann's minimum price for a custom piece seems to be $400+, and that's unframed, 11.8 inches high, no proofs sent to you during the development of the piece. Takase sensei will charge you $220 for a framed custom piece, 18 inches high, and you get to be involved in the process, seeing the design sets as the piece is made, and choosing fonts, layout, etc.

      The choice is obviously up to you, and depends totally on your aesthetic preference and budget. But to me, if I was given a choice between paying $400 for a work with basic options from someone who has a 3rd dan and calls himself a Master, or paying $220 for a bigger, framed work by a calligrapher that is ranked Shihan by two different organizations, well... One of them really thinks highly of their work, that's for sure.