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    Long time lurker, first time poster. To start off, I would like to thank everybody who participates in the discussions on this site. The information has been invaluable over the years I have been doing kendo.
    Secondly, I would like to announce the launch of the Cleveland Kendo Club webpage.

    Please feel free to have a look and make any comments (please be kind, as it is a work in progress). Also, keep checking as we will post information and forms for the 18th Annual Cleveland Kendo Tournament on this site. Thanks again.


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    Nice web. You should discuss on KW, not lurker, shame on you

    By the way, say hi to Matsuyama family for me, will you?


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      <LURK MODE = OFF>

      Thanks. I'll pass your greetings on tonight at practice.

      On a side note, I am pretty sure we have meet in real life, though I don't think you would remember. At last years Chicago tournament, I was the random guy warming up with you and all the other Choyokan kids.


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        Hey, I know you. How are you doing. Going to La Crosse this year?


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          I am flatter you remember me (I guess we were the only two adults with all those kids).

          I am trying to make it out to La Crosse. But it depends if I can convince some other people in the dojo to tag along. With gas prices as high as they are, I don't think I can make the solo trip again this year. I would need some other people to split the bill :P


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            I take it the other website is no longer in use???


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              Hi Joe,
              Thanks for bringing that up. Your correct, that website is no longer in use. Once we are able to obtain the I.P. and Password for the site (the old webmaster moved to back to Korea about a year ago) we are going to set it up to auto-redirect to The other reason for the change is to let people know about the "expansion" of our club. Due to new management at CSU Athletic department, they started to strictly enforce a rule that only CSU students were allowed to practice at the site (I believe a quote I heard them say was "we already have a taekwondo club, why do we need another martial art club?").
              That was a big problem, since all of the Yudansha were non-students. At around the same time we were lucky enough to be approaced by Case Western Reserve University and the Bratenahl Community Center to hold practices with them. So naturally we were happy to accept. So to make a long story short, we are the Same People, and Same Club, just at more locations.

              On an unrelated note, Joe, I would like to extend a belated thanks from the CKC to all of you down at Maimi Valley for a great Summer Camp. We all had a great time and learned a lot. A particularly fond memory for me was going out to diner at the Haufbrauhous (sp?) with two sensei from California (A 7th dan and a 6th dan) on friday night. The night started off kind of subdued, but after a few of those huge glasses of beers, we found ourselves all ontop of the tables doing the Chicken Dance to Polka Music... classic.

              Also, if DCarney is back from Japan, please tell him Ray from Cleveland says hi.