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I ruined a shirt

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  • I ruined a shirt

    just playing around.

    its more dificult with real brushes, the damn thing doesnt have Ctrl+z.

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    The thing is...that almost looks like it was a deliberate design decision!

    You may have something there....


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      That shirt looks great. I wish that things would look so good when I ruin them.


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        That shirt is awesome. Ever think about selling that as a design or something?


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          tono, haha, yeah, design haves that particularity, if its too wrong, it might just pass, but if you miss it by just a tiny little bit then its ALL WRONG!!

          Lloromannic, thanks dude

          spyder, that is hand painted, i have alot of shirts in cafepress shop, and i cant do larger designs with their service(tecnical limitations), but if you want a hand painted one, just sent me a shirt or two that i do it for you, and for free becose theres no printing services included, thats the advantage of hand painting, the bad thing is that you never know what will get out of my trembling hands from hell
          just pm me for the mailing address if interested.

          ill probably try some more stuff, greets.