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  • Old Cinema Newsreel Clips!

    Yes it is I, Awooga Guy. Fresh from my kiai-ing triumph at the Lidstone. Also known as Ad to my friends at Hizen, I sometimes like to look up kendo video clips in my spare time.

    If you remember the old cinema newsreels they used to show way before I was born, they were made by a company called British Pathe. They've now put their whole archive online, and if you search for "kendo" some great clips can be found. Some of these are from before WW2 and some of them are from the 1960's/70s.

    Firstly: A pre-war kendo demonstation in front of various British and Japanese ambassadors etc:

    Next, a south London kendo dojo, from either the '60s or '70s:

    "England Expects Every Man To Do His Judo!" - a pre-war demonstration of Judo and Kendo, with the England and German squads of the day:

    Next another clip of another South London kendo dojo, in colour so it's probably the 60's again. Good clip:

    Now another really old clip, "Big Hits and Big Hitters". Older than the other pre-war stuff. Check it out:

    Lastly more from the second South London dojo, no sound though unfortunately:

    Hope you like 'em folks, they're a bit of a change from the norm.

    Check out the archive at

    Now to search for "samurai", see what that yields

    Keep it real. Awooga.

    That is all.
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    Wow I wonder if any one in that shinto ryu dojo are practicing today?

    Its strange the logo on the door is still beeing used today. Weird..


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      Those are great, interesting to see. Some unrefined technique, in those early times of British kendo.

      I really hope the guy wearing the red do in the clip with no audio was a television personlaity or some such and had never done kendo before that moment.


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        Awooga Guy is pleased you like the clips. Pass 'em around folks because the British Pathe people want their archives to be open to the public.

        Awooga Guy did find one more clip from that South London dojo, again it's without sound though

        Awooga Guy hopes you enjoy this clip as well, it's the longest clip by some way. Just a shame it's silent.

        Awooga fo' life yo.

        That is all.