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  • Dojo in Seoul, Korea

    Hello Kendo World, it's so nice to see an English speaking magazine developed. I have been buying Kendo Japan magazine to look at the pictures even though I don't speak japanese.

    I am now in Seoul and would like to learn Kendo in Korea. Could you let me know what is a reputable place to learn kendo there.

    If you could give me some address and telephone number, that would be great. Most don't speak English, so it is very difficult.

    Thanks so much

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    Schools in Korea/NJ

    Try this, I know Master Seong has ties in both places:


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      I was looking at his site before. Do you know if he is any good?
      HIs dojo is a bit far from my home. I was actually looking at Yonsei university, knowing they have transformed a guy into a kumdo center. Would you have more information about master seong and his dojo?
      or other recommended dojos? THanks so much!


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        I am a student of Master Seong in New Jersey. He is terrific. Although I am a relative newcomer to Kendo I have an extensive background in Karate and European fencing. I can gauge a good lesson and a good teacher. I have trained with a number of his Black Belt students and the consistency of their technique is startling. That tells me that the basics are taught the same way throughout the organization.

        I can't speak for others in Korea, but I can tell you that Master Seong has a particularly good demeaner, considerable patience and relies upon praise rather than punishment to encourage performance. He had to learn his ways somewhere and I assume it was in Korea. If you spoke Korean I would recommend you call and ask. He is lovely fellow and thoroughly involved in his work.


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          thanks so much dude! That's reassuring to know.
          I don't speak korean but will definitely give it a try.


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            I am in Seoul, Korea and may help you to find dojo.
            Jesim-kwan is near to Yonsei Univ within 10min in bus.
            In our dojo, One American now learns kendo.
            You can contact him. His email is .
            You can acquire more information from him.
            I am Songwook Lee and practicing kendo in Jesim-kwan.
            Let's enjoy kendo.


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              I also live in Seoul and it just happens to be that my school is right next to Yonsei. Is there any way I can contact the dojo there?


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                Sung Moo Kwan in Apkujung does have a great reputation but it'll be a long hike (30 minutes by subway, more by ground transportation) from Yonsei/Shinchon area. Jeshim Kwan sounds like a great place if you're near Yonsei Univ. Mr. Rockum also happens to manage a great kendo website/community and if his kendo website/community is any indication, Jeshim Kwan should be a great place to practice kendo.