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Can Someone Name A Few Dojos In Fukuoka?

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  • Can Someone Name A Few Dojos In Fukuoka?

    Above question.. I am already goin to train in The University Dojo (Sumi Sensei) in november/december before the wkc but im probably goin back in the summer so im lookin for other dojos to try train in aswell! Much Appriciated, Lee

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    Cmon, help out a paddy


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      PM Hyaku - he lived near there for years...


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        I think its a misconception that westerners can jus turn up and train "in a few other dojos". Japanese society is very much one of introductions. You can't just shore up even with fluent Japanese. Build a rapport, and gently enquire of Sumi sensei and say you'll return and you'd like to practice some more. He really is your best man. Sorry to blow the myth its not like it is here in the west, look up a dojo, turn up. Get introduced, and you'll have the best time... ps. I also train in Fukuoka when I go...


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          No idea where in Fukuoka you are going, but here are some links I rustled up using google in about 10 seconds -

          Fukuoka Kendo Renmei:

          Here is a list of dojo from Kendo Jinko:

          If I were you, however, I would just ask Sumi sensei.


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            Last year, I visited and practiced at the Buyokan as well as the town budo dojo in Kurume, but as Budo Angel said, arangements had to be made by a local contact ahead of time.

            The same was true for keiko with the Hiroshima Police, Fushimi Tokurensei, Kyoto Police, and Kobukan and Noma Dojos in Kyoto. In general, arrangments were made via friends, sensei I knew and/or relatives.

            Good luck!