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Year of the Baboon (an IBU saga)

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  • Year of the Baboon (an IBU saga)

    Dear KW kenshi,

    I have just finished my first book and this is how it starts:

    “After reaching the top of the second mountain, we raced straight into a pitch black tunnel at hellish speeds on our way down until we crashed into a side wall. All our car lights refused to shine, we couldn’t see shit. Uncontrollably we bumped our vehicle from wall to wall for at least half a mile. When we finally started to see some moonlight again our borrowed Toyota family wagon was totally wrecked. We had left all paint on the tunnel walls. Most windows were shattered and had fallen on the street which was now far behind us. All outer parts wore giant dents. The motor was a huge smoking barbecue and from the tires was nothing left but stinking black gumballs of melted rubber. It was a hell of a kanpai to celebrate the end of that welcome’s nomikai! But, how will we explain all of this tomorrow to the Sensei??”

    Well, how will they?? Where will it end? And, more importantly, what is in between?

    Please take a look at my book: “Year of the Baboon - A Crazy Dutch Kendo Student Reporting from The Land of the Rising Fun”. Follow this link for an unique book which gives you a humorous and broad spectrum view of kendo and student life at the International Budo University in Katsuura; interesting and hilarious stories straight from the heart of Japan:

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    Damn it! now I need that book


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      Awooga Guy bought this a couple of weeks ago. It's been a great read And it fits right in the pocket

      Awooga Guy recommends it to you all - and Gonzo, you're nuts mate If you're ever in London Awooga Guy hopes you'll let him buy you a beer, then you can autograph his copy of the book

      That is all.


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        Arigatooo Awooga Guy!! It never got weird enough for me!