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    My name is Adam. I am a university student at Indiana University and have been studying kendo for about 2 years. This fall I will be an exchange student in Nagoya ( Nanzan University ) and was hoping someone knows something, anything about kendo in Nagoya. I seriously wish to study while I am there for a year. I've heard that if the University Club is not so great I could study with the police. Is that true? But, any advice to prepare myself in anyway is much appreciated. thanks

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    Kendo at Uni's

    I've only been over to Japan once for a short time.

    I went to Kyoto, I found the standard at the University very very good. Obviously all uni's are different but, from the couple of dojo's I saw while I was out there. They where great.

    From what I have been told (I could be wrong so don't take this as gospel) you wouldn't be able to pracyice with the police unless you where introduced, by someone who was either of high standing or well know at the police dojo.

    I obviously can't coment about you but my major problem was my fitness, as I was not up to the standard of the Students at the Uni.

    So my only advice would be to try ad get as fit as possible.

    Good luck with Kendo in Japan, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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      Thanks for the reply. I've always taken my physcal training rather serious... but, I do plan to pick it up a step or two to prepare. I appreciate the support... thanks again... adam


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        I am travelling to Nagoya in July to meet up with my Sensei from the UK who now works and lives in Nagoya. I believe (don't quote me on this) that there is a Dojo about and hour away from Nagoya at which he trains. I will find out in July whereabouts it is and let you know. I believe that Mr Mason is correct in saying that you must first be invited to train at a police dojo.
        Regards, Neil.


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          The University standards are very good. Police, from what I've gathered from my seniors are extremely good and train very hard.
          Don't go in thinking you would kick butt because it could be very humbling.

          I remember going over to New Zealand with my high school to play a rugby tour. We got cocky and challenged their 1st level teams and were destroyed in every game...even their 5ths would have killed us. We did come back however, better trained and experienced.

          So if you do get to train with the police prepare hard and be open minded.

          mind you, the japanese are polite to guests so they won't really thrash you senselessly.

          good luck


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            There is a small kendo club at Nanzan University (or at least there was about 10 years ago when I lived in the neighbourhood)

            If so, start training there and you can easily get an introduction to train at the police.

            Failing that, there is a prefectural gym where they have regular trainings in Nagoya, and pretty much anyone who's anyone goes there, so you should be able to pick on a policeman!



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              I dont think Nanzan University has the kendo club any more, but i'm sure you can search Aichi Kendo Renmei from the IKF or ZNKR website and try to find clubs in Nagoya. Or why don't you get in touch with one of my acquintance who does Kendo shop in Nagoya.Their shop name is Anshin Shokai Co.,LTD. 3-21-3 Hassho-dori, Mizuho-ku Nagoya. Their phone number is 0044-52-831-2171. They should be able to help you.

              About the police, you really need someone inside the police to invite you. I used to train with National Police Agency officers in Chiba when I was in my elementary and Junior high school.I was able to do that kind of special training because my bestfriend who trained with me at junior high, his dad was in the police force. You need someone from the police to invite you, but since you are an exchange student you might be able to ask your exchange center at Nanzan University to write you a recomendation letter or something. However, I will not suggest you to go to the police to train as you have only had 2 years of training and that is not going to be good enough to be in the training with the police force as they do quiet tough training. I strongly recomend you to go to your local club and try to do Degeiko(away practice) with the police force once in two months or so. That will be the best, i think.

              Best of luck!


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                My aunt went to college in Nagoya, and still lives there, I will ask her about if she knows anywhere that there may be good Kendo dojo. I will also have my dad ask his uncle, but I don't think he will know about Police dojo, because he doesn't ahve the best of relationship with the police in Nagoya.