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Are you an American doing Kendo in Tokyo ?

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  • Are you an American doing Kendo in Tokyo ?

    A friend of mine is writing an article for a business magazine about views and purposes on taking up budo whilst working in Japan, and how it relates to the rest of their life/work re: stress, life/balance etc.

    The article is specifically targeted at the American business community and so he is looking for an American (preferably businessman) doing kendo who wouldn't mind being interviewed about how it compliments their life.

    Before replying a few points.

    Must be currently in Japan

    They are only looking for Americans, not other foreign nationals.

    They are looking for someone who is working and has taken up budo, not someone who moved to Japan for the sole purpose of doing budo.

    Other martials arts (Karate, Aikido etc.) are already covered, they are only now looking for kendo and related arts, Iaido, Jodo, Naginata.

    They may want to visit your dojo, photograph etc.

    If you would be interested in this project, please PM me , stating your art/grade/ years in Japan.

    And I will forward your details.


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    And what's a seppo got that I haven't?