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  • ozuozuozu

    its nearly saturday
    then its my first trip to japan
    im so not ready re. packing etc

    but ive stocked up on the codiene so i should survive

    if i have tinternet ill make a blog of my goings on here
    or if not then ill report back in a couple of weeks

    thats if anyones interested

    im all excited

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    I hate you.


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      Good Luck !!


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        left m jet application too late though
        so trying to get the bulk done before i go
        it will be tight
        silly me


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          Have fun.

          You're staying at the 'boot camp' in Ozu, right?

          Just go with the flow and it will be much more enjoyable.


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            from what i heard rebelling is quite fun too.
  , how to sneak in that bottle of jd...


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              Use the power of bogu, or design a shrink ray...and an unshrink ray.


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                Alcohol isn't rebelling that's just par for the course!

                I've never been there, but I know the kind of place you're staying in. I bet there's a curfew as well. Hahahaha.


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                  yup and they are made to be broken of course

                  hmmn i thought i had a ray stored away where did i put it...

                  hiding it in my kneepads may be hazardous to health and melt the bottle

                  2 weeks withough my cat as well


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                    nice ^^ , what is the boot camp , i dont know


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                      Good luck for your trip Debz, remember to take plenty of picture and i want to hear all about it when you get back. You have got me really looking forward to my trip next year.



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                        Originally posted by rottunpunk View Post
                        its nearly saturday
                        then its my first trip to japan
                        Have fun!



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                          Ozu 'boot camp' rules.... and what I didnt tell her before she went....

                          lights out at 9pm, up at 7am. This is accompanied by 'Top of the world' by the Carpenters in the morning, and a random track from the same album as the wake up call. I had it for three weeks....and it still sends shivers down my spine. I ritually burnt my wifes copy when I cam home that year....

                          NO ALCOHOL on the premises.

                          The Japanese equivalent of school dinners every day...and I am sure that the fish I ate could not possibly have swam due to the placement of the fins...

                          Communal wash rooms. make sure you go in the right coloured door or you'd be accused of being a pervert, there are a lot of schoolkids present...

                          Training in 100+ degrees, 100% humidity... you get a sweat on just getting changed...

                          Having to do a speech during the flag raising ceremony...(I hope someone tapes Debz..) I will not mention the exercise /warmups that take place at this time, although the music is....entertaining...

                          Saving graces...
                          The icecream /coffee/lemonade machine.
                          Being able to sneak out and get beer, then get totally ratted in a secret room where the security man doesnt go...
                          Having at least ten 7dan teaching and their teacher present as well....
                          BEAUTIFUL FLOORS... sprung wood where no shoes have trod, only bare feet.
                          Sitting in the 'observation post/ machine gun nest' looking at the view over the mountains.


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                            I'm sure I told her that if you ask at reception you can loan a laptop with internet connection....perhaps they have some sense and won't lend her it???


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                              hey everyone im back
                              up at 6.30am
                              and we got random classical music this year, until the last day when the carpenters returned

                              it was really good
                              we did suburi and mae all week
                              i learned a hell of a lot
                              and still bare the bruises from cheng san

                              will tell more when ive recovered a bit more from the horrid travelling