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Finding a Dojo in Noda/Chiba

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  • Finding a Dojo in Noda/Chiba

    Hey ya, a question for any foreigners living in Japan

    How did you find your kendo dojo?

    I'm a 21 year old university student from New Zealand, and I just moved in with my girlfriend for the next 6 months in Nodashi, Chiba.

    A few problems: I'm not very good at kendo, having practised for only about a year in Waikato, New Zealand (but with very good teachers, so the knowledge is there, it's just practice I need to catch up on), my Japanese language ability is virtually non existent (but I'm learning fast), and I'm very, very tall.

    Now, I know that most Japanese people are very kind, and would not see these so much as problems but as obstacles that can be overcome. But I worry.

    Anyway, how should I go about contacting a dojo (or even finding it first) and introducing myself?

    My girlfriend is doing her best to contact dojos in our area, but they seem to be very sparse.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions anyone has, and contacts even more so (English or Japanese).



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    Give this a whirl

    good luck