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  • I have a question

    Please forgive me if a thread like this has been posted. I currently live in Japan, and I want to know if anyone from here lives in Japan and where. Id like to know if there is any close Kendo dojo I can check out. Also, how well should my Japanese be before I try and apply for a kendo school?

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    Hello and welcome to Japan.

    Where you live is the most important question I have for you. This will determine the level of Japanese proficiency you will need if you want good instruction from your sensei. Otherwise, if you are a beginner, you probably won't need much in language skills. Imitation will guide you until you pick up some regular phrases.

    Otherwise, check out bogu shops and ask for clubs. In a previous post, someone suggested ask your school's club if you are a teacher. Find the local budo-kan (martial arts center) if your area has one.


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      If you could fill out your profile, it would be easier for people to help you.


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        I live in the Fussa prefecture of Tokyo..specifically yokota air base...also, this is kind of a dumb question, but do you have to be Zen Buddhist to do Kendo? Im very partial to Judaic teachings and dont want to leave them.


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          Even me, the guy who took 1 class of basic Kendo so far, knows that you do not have to. How ever it is connected, right? So go to a club and start learning!



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            Originally posted by Mordechai
            [...]do you have to be Zen Buddhist to do Kendo? Im very partial to Judaic teachings and dont want to leave them.
            Rest assured that kendo is non-denominational. While kendo is influenced by Zen Buddhism, the only overt acknowlegment of this are the brief meditation periods (mokuso) before and after keiko. Besides, one could even make the case that Zen Buddhism itself is not a religion in the common sense of the word. I know several Jews that practice Zen without renouncing their faith - some point to certain affinities with Kabbala. But again, just to be clear, kendo is not officially connected to any religion.

            However, you should be aware that kendo formality is influenced by Shinto. In Japan, you will likely have to perform a collective bow to a Shinto shrine, also at the beginning and end of practice. Some would consider this a violation of the First Commandment. But if you look into the history of Ryobu Shinto, you will find that it is basically about respecting ancestors and teachers and living in the present moment, which imo is not at all contrary to Judaism.

            Having said that, I'm positive someone will now try to help you find a dojo.

            Shalom lachaim & good luck!


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              There's a post similar to this elsewhere on these forums. Anyway there's a kendo club in Yokota Air Base (assuming there's only one, anyway).


              There's all the information and everything on that site. Also, from what I read on the other thread, kendomushi is the senior member of the Yokota Air Base Kendo Club, so I'd try and get in contact with him.
              Good luck!