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going to Japan in June!

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  • going to Japan in June!

    Off to Ozu near Matsuyama again on June 1st, hopefully getting up to Tokyo and also staying in Kyoto for a few days. If anyone on the forums fancy a beer give me a shout...

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    woh woh wohwoh, when was this decided? are you going to pay me let me guess when i look like this , is this for definate? oh man, is Mr overtime going to be in action next year


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      you will just have to go without me for a couple of weeks... I am sure you can remember enough to keep you going. If not I will give you a plan for the fortnight before I go.And it had better be finished before I come back
      And I already have the money, would have gone in November IF I had the holidays. As usual my money and holidays dont match.
      No I am not bringing any presents back either, get your own gear....


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        hmm i was also considering going to japan for a month in june... only have to find some sort of community, program or someone elso to go with, stay.....

        hope it will happen


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          I have six days MJER training set up with at least 9 teachers turning up (usually around 15...). No Japanese is allowed to attend below 7th dan so it should be quite good for a beginner....unless you find a cluster of 7th and an 8th dan hanshi in both kendo and iaido intimidating???? Its not, so you are welcome to come and join us. Address is Seinen no Ie near Ozu, near Matsuyama if you try and find it on the map....
          It can be a little hot so you will need lightweight gi
          List so far in no particular order....
          Iwata Norikazu s. 8th dan iaido, kendo. holds 2 menkyo kaiden MJER
          Nishimoto s. 7th dan iaido
          Makino s. 7 dan karate, judo, iaido, and something else I cant remember...
          Honda s. from tokyo 7 iaido
          Morinaka s. 8 dan iaido, menkyo kaiden MJER
          Terao s. 7 iaido, menkyo kaiden MJER
          mr and mrs Yabe s. both 7 dan iaido
          Isshida s. 7 dan iaido
          Isshikki s. from Tokyo Uni. 7 iaido
          Tateno s. as well with a bit of luck, does kyudo, iaido.

          No doubt more will turn up to hammer three English guys and have a good time. As you can see its worth my money to go!!!


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            hehe this somehow sounds like all the 'gods' of kendo are gathering...btw do you know numbers on how many 8th dan+ ppl there are in japan? i know only 2% of all people applying for 8th dan pass yearly, but how many are there (roughly) ?


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              a huge number I reckon.... I watched the 8th dan exam in Kyoto and there were about 120 in for it. The demonstrations running at the same time are like, next, next, next....5 waza and you are off. This went on for two days and a minimum standard to go on is 7th dan. (That was just ZNKR. There is also ZNIR, Butokukai, etc....)
              Bear in mind the people I am seeing are students trying for 8th dan along with their 8th dan teacher and its only just a small gathering of friends. At that level the grade is irrelevant, you are doing iaido/kendo because you just want to.