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The Bekkasei Manual - Surviving Katsuura for Gaijins

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  • Originally posted by nodachi View Post
    Too many, to the point where the job gets a bad reputation because lots of useless people end up in the jobs and many of the companies don't actually teach and as long as customers are happy and paying then it doesn't matter what people are learning. It's a last resort. Search the forum, search the net. "teaching in Japan" on google will bring up too much information for you to handle. And be prepared to filter through what complaints are real and which are not.

    Budai still sounds cool to me... and the other options are still better than teaching, but take the option that is the best fit for you...
    LOL... no qualifications watsoever ?? LOL!! wat a cool job hahah !! doubt they would like a asian gaijin teacher LOL!! although i rocked in my Highschool english essays !! GO HAMLET !! "to be or not to be, that is the question"

    for me, im planning on going to Japan possibly in 2009 first semester (ahh summer there) i wanna see the cherry blossoms

    my course of action:

    save up money ($50 a week) for pocket money and host family fees
    get straight B+ to be eligible for student exchange LOL!! (dammit)
    take japanese classes starting next year at University level
    apply for student exchange to a University in Japan
    ace the interview for student exchange
    find money for air fare ticket LOL!!
    Organise a host family (preferably with people my age)
    the off i go LOL

    im pretty sure im going to get lost in using the trains LOL!!.. but i heard most of the security guys there can speak a bit of english?? damn would be a pain bringing your 6 months worth of clothes and stuff in a suitcase and lugging it in the trains LOL!!


    • For the bekka...
      Natsukashii na !

      Enjoy !


      • interesting figure in the grass circle.


        • Originally posted by snooz2k2 View Post
          For the bekka...
          Natsukashii na !

          Enjoy !
          Hahaha, I can't acced the link, but about Nikozamo says, I know what youa re talking about... I remember part of that night, and remember waking up and going outside in the corridor, watching a gorgeous day and began to laugh after what i found and watching it...

          But nothing compared about how Fujita was about it, and the Kokusaishitsu worried about it.


          • Just finished reading Year of the Baboon. Very funny. Highly entertaining. It's now one of the few books I'll recommend to people who want to know more about kendo.


            • Originally posted by Docile View Post
              apply for student exchange to a University in Japan
              find money for air fare ticket LOL!!
              Organise a host family (preferably with people my age)

              damn would be a pain bringing your 6 months worth of clothes and stuff in a suitcase and lugging it in the trains LOL!!
              1. There are programs for that kind of thing, depending on what college you go to. Often colleges have relationships with each other that enable that. On a broader basis, you might want to look at Nanzan or the Associated Kyoto Program. Kansai Daigai also allows for study abroad opportunities; the Tokyo branch of Temple University may as well, though I'm not sure. It doesn't necessarily have to be exchange -- you can simply study abroad. There are also a ton of good (and bad) summer programs available.

              2. That's a nice kick in the nuts. They're expensive.

              3. Host families aren't generally "organized". The program you go with has a list of families willing to host people from abroad, and they will give you to a host family. You don't get a choice or a hand in it, generally speaking... and you will have basically a ZERO percent chance of getting a family your age. I mean, how many university-aged people do you know that own their own houses and can afford the time and money to take care of some guy from another country who can't speak the language?

              4. You don't take 6 months' of stuff, you take two weeks of stuff and do laundry. Six months of toiletries is small. You really shouldn't be packing a serious amount of luggage since you're bound to pick up stuff in Japan that will make your return to America that much worse.

              Going through airports in Japan is a lot easier than in America. The trains aren't bad either. Signs are in English. Ask ahead of time for directions and people can generally give you detailed directions down to the minute you have to be somewhere.

              On the other hand, security officers and policemen, no matter what you may have heard, know "some" English, but certainly aren't any more conversational than, say, some guy off the street in America would be in Spanish. We're exposed to a ton of Spanish in America, so we know "some" Spanish, for all the good it would do when it came to helping a visiting tourist. So don't rely on that.

              P.S. Cherry blossoms are usually in spring, think May or so.

              5. Don't use "LOL" so much...


              • I've been told a fellow bekka (Tyler) that Fujita (aka: that f'**king asshole) has been reassigned to the school's library. Are there any current bekkasei out there who could give me all the dirty details?


                • Originally posted by NorthernKendoka View Post
                  I've been told a fellow bekka (Tyler) that Fujita (aka: that f'**king asshole) has been reassigned to the school's library. Are there any current bekkasei out there who could give me all the dirty details?
                  Apparently is because every year they move the personal. I had to ask to a friend who told me that good news before.
                  For some reason Fujita was kept there many years, but my friend told me that the new chief of the Kokusai shitsu said that he hates gai jins.

                  So dunno how good those news are for the next generations of Bekka.

                  (sorry, not a current bekka though)


                  • Well a person from the Budai staff that hates gaijins was almost to be expected since Budai has a whole lot of them and they usually gets asigned to the bekka department. I was hoping that Nakayama would get the job at he was a nice guy during my year and he can't have gotten too corrupted in two years.


                    • Well, Nakayama was moved earlier this year. I don't remember which department, and Kimura took his place at kokusai shitsu.
                      Yoshino and Ishii are still there (as far as I know, haven't e mailed them oftenly) and they were really kind with me, but you know that even if they want/wanted to help you always was the Fujita barrier.

                      You're rite dude, it was not a surprise though having another badass like Fujita as new director of the office.


                      • Originally posted by Gonzo Nakayui View Post
                        Being drunk shows a positive spirit, being drunk is ok, being drunk is good, but being stupid is bad, so refrain from starting fights or breaking other peoples property. Although its a great way of stress relief, never purposely break any koryokaikan things. The trouble it would get you in totally outweighs the fun. When drunk at home dont pee in the shoes or against the int. off. door and watch out for the glass doors near the shoeboxes, I almost broke my nose on one of them. Drinking and kendo in Japan are one. Many high ranking Japanese sensei might be considered AA-clients in the countries where you come from, but in Japan they have the status of half-gods, and why not? We mainly consist of fluids, so drinking is healthy. Drinking makes your kendo more supple and playing kendo with a hangover is an important skill which must be mastered as soon as possible. You might be surprised by unexpected parties in the middle of the week, but last nights party is no excuse for skipping practice today. In Japan renshu never stops.

                        God. First time in my life read a message that "drinking does good to your kendo practise/skill". Disagree. Drunk condition doesnt improve it but your level of skill can be seen how you fight even in drunk condition.


                        • I guess you're not a Bekkasei then. Kan-geiko after spending a good part of the previous day drinking Bunasawa's place dry is just something that has to be experienced first hand. If you can do that then no keiko will be too hard.


                          • Hi i am currently a kendo bekkasei in katsuura, Fujita has indeed been reasigend to the library, and Matsumoto who used to work in the library came to the international office.
                            I must say that we didnt have that much trouble with Fujita this year because our group is pretty calm compared to previous years i think. Sure we have some drinking going on etc, but no excessive things. He has done a couple of annoying things, but since he had no particular reason he did not go crazy or anything.

                            Anyway Matsumoto seems like a nice guy to me. Although it might not take long before somebody like him becomes an asshole like Fujita, just a year in the international office does that to japanese people i guess.
                            I'd like to day to future bekkasei: Don't give him a reason to start hating his job, because if you are the cause he might start hating you. It might not occur to him that it is the job he doesn't like. Matsumoto is really not that bad, don't screw it up for yourself and future bekkasei.


                            • Fujita was just a stupid asshole that even when you would try to talk with him logically he would just be an ass. There was nothing to do with him. He had no common sense at all.


                              • I can't be more agree with Kendokamax comment. So true about Fujitasshole.

                                So is true what you mentioned Kendoka3, but there are limits about even when someone just change to try to put some "order and good behavior" and when you need to racionalize with someone (I think I typed wrong racionalize).

                                I had two troubles with that Badass of Fujita. First time was that I needed to see a doctor in Kamogawa, and the first appointment date that they were giving me was on school days.. So it was IMPOSSIBLE that I'd skip classes for going and get a medical service!.. After arguing a lot and Ishii between the phone, the hospital personal and that though she wanted to agree with me, she h ad to ask Fujita if that was OK.. So at the end the personal of the clinic asked about my sympthoms (with many possible resultas that I before explained to Fujita) and they wanted to reshcedule it to be earlier, so they propuse other day that was on Saturday. SO it was ok, but I told Fujita that if I had needed to go to a clinic or hospital agian that I woudln' care what he says, I just will go.

                                The other time was really stupid attitude about that individual (the perfect image of the loser of a Japanese comic). I got pneumonia Feburary this year, so I could just rest, eat, and have my antibiotics and other pills coctel... I had just the internet to pass my time, doing chat with my family at nights (coz the time difference), ALL inside my room! Well, that bastard took away the internet modem, so next day I told him about, but as usual, he didn't care even to hear me, and he told Bunasaru (ok Bunasawa) that I never go to train!
                                So that's a big difference between a person that want's to keep everything in order and a person that just wants to mess with everyone.

                                Kokusai shitsu is for helping us and make us feel comfortable. We both have to show respect, but what about when someone doesn't show respect for your person? I personally ignore him/her. Is not a person in my world anymore and just, maybe a furniture, or a fail in the data.

                                I think that every bekka will agree that the kaikan is/was our home, but sometimes is/was like a prision or a children's guardery. You can't expect the same intelectual treatment to a 25 old years person than a 18 years old (concerning about some discipline).. Or a 35 years old person and give him ridiculous rules to follow as if you were just 12 years... Or that they expect you to talk Japanese in two weeks!

                                As someone stated above, Budai is not a bad place, but there are things that will piss us off, and maybe like everywhere. I personally liked to had lived there, trained there and learn about kendou with the senseis and students...

                                AH, one advice.. If someone of you can get into some trip for about a month (whatever, as kendou or just if you want) DO IT!.. Just be sure to save some money because they'll take you away the scholarship, but you'll have the next month scholarship if you write a hansenbun .. That worth it if you want to do the mushashygyousha stuff like and learn more wherever you can.. You're in Japan, where you can swallow kendou with different pple from a huge variety of ages.