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Summer Camp at IBU or anywhere else in Japan?

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  • Summer Camp at IBU or anywhere else in Japan?

    I'm going to Japan this summer. I have the choice of either doing a language study for college credit...or doing some KENDO!

    Does anyone have any info on whether or not IBU has a summer camp for international students? Or are there others in Japan? Right now I'm leaning towards Kendo instead of college credit. Sad, isn't it?

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    Not sad at all!!! College credit can be obtained at any time and any where. Getting a chance to learn kendo in Japan is something that can only happen here. Not to down play other country's kendo, just saying that college credit you can find or get whenever, but traveling and learning kendo in JApan doesn't happen everyday.


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      This is their homepage but they don't have a summer program. Your only chance is really taking the one-year Specialization Course. My suggestion is to know somebody living here to help you find a club or dojo with a summer gashuku (camp) that coincides with your summer vacation schedule. Usually these camps are in August just before the Obon holidays in the middle of the month. You might be able to find something earlier but it's not certain. People are working right through July and that goes the same for students.


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        Find out from your local kendo renmei whether applications have been put forward for the ZNKR Summer School at Kitamoto. Each affiliated country has a certain number of places they can fill at the camp and you have to be nominated well in advance by your home renmei. I think the minimum grade for attendance now is 3 dan.

        Worth a shot anyways.



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          Summer Camp

          I believe the International Summer Camp has been canceled this year, due to the World Championships.

          As a friend of mine was going but her Sensei has told it's not on.



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            I have the same information. I believe it has been cancelled.