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    Hi! This is my first post here - my name is CS from Singapore!

    I am currently staying in central tokyo [around the shinjuku area], and will be living here for the next three weeks - would any of you guys have any dojo recommendations?

    I know this is a little last-minute, sorry about that! I was planning to perhaps join the practice at the Shibuya Sports Center, maybe sit in at the first practice and then introduce myself to whoever happens to be in charge. I have also lugged my bogu all the way over here [and all over japan the past week].


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    "Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink."

    Landing in Japan for short term training without references can turn out unproductive. Practices do not tend to be as open as one is used to outside of Japan and although some do not mind visitors without references, they usually do not widely advertise since their populations tend to know about them through the community.

    Presuming you do not have references, you can try asking a kendo supply shop to point you. That is actually how I found the first place I practiced at when I moved to Tokyo... I had references and attended some of those as well... and learned a thing or two about what happens if you do not accept an invitation to practice.

    You can also check this listing of dojo in Tokyo. It is not complete and it is not up to date. In particular, the ku-renmei practices (which are often gathering points to kendoist within that ward) tend to be more open than small private dojo (lots more people and loads of sensei present so less worry about what to do with someone the lone sensei is not familiar with). The Shinjuku-ku Kendo Renmei has an English page. Turn up to watch a practice, talk to a sensei about your situation and see what they say. I will refrain from saying too much more and let you find your own adventure.

    Day trips out of Tokyo practices are also doable if you make arrangements ahead of time.

    Have fun!
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      Originally posted by dillon View Post
      "Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink."



      Minato-ku Sports Center also has an open practice and there are foreign folk, from what I have been told by coordinators at my university, and I imagine they are welcoming enough. But I think it can be a bit expensive for regular visits if you are not a Minato-ku resident. Although, if you are only here for a few weeks, it might be a good choice.


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        George wrote a guide over on Kenshi 24/7.


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          Instead of making a new thread, I thought I would post my request here since it is similar.

          Me and a friend plan on being in Tokyo from May 25th - June 1st (for the WKC, of course) and I was wondering if anyone here would be able to point me in the right direction of finding some options for practice while are there. UnimportantHero did mention the Minato-ku Sports Center, and I'm wondering if anyone would be able to give any more information on practicing there, if at all possible.


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            Thanks for the replies! It's been a while, but I received a response to my emails to some kendo clubs shortly after posting this. I managed to contact those clubs using this website:

            I have been training at two kendo clubs for more than a week now: The Shinjuku Kendo Renmei and the Nishi-ken Kendo Club Both are near Ikebukuro to the north-west side of Tokyo.

            Here's some information about the clubs - I assume that it is fine to post such information since it is on their websites and they are very friendly to visitors.

            The Shinjuku club has many high-level players, as well as hachidan senseis. The non-competitive teams from waseda university and another university (I can't remember the name) also train together with the club. The dojo is a little crowded, but they are welcoming to small groups looking to train. I ran into the WKC teams from the Great Britain and Sweden at last night's training too. ^^

            The Nishiken club is a smaller local dojo which practices in a elementary school gym. The people there are very welcoming - might be a good place for a leisurely keiko after Wkc! They also have hachidan/ nanadan instructors.

            Unfortunately, since I am a short-term visitor myself, I can't really introduce anyone directly to the resident senseis - if anyone wants to join the training then please craft a polite email to the addresses posted on the linked sites! They usually respond within a day and a half.
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