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  • Kendo shop in Kyoto

    This is my first post on this community. Nice to meet you all.

    Am currently on a work visit in Kyoto and soon, I'll be on the level it might be good to buy my first bogu.
    So I was thinking... What is a more interesting place to buy this gear than Japan?

    If possible, would anyone be able to recommend a good shop selling bogu in the Kyoto area or Kansai area in general?
    Any help and tips on this matter is kindly appreciated.

    Price plays a role but I recognise quality and endurability is important too, so any recommendation is great.
    Thank you in advance.

    Last but not least, I am not sure if this is the right spot of the forum to fire this question but let's give it a try. Do correct me if a different place suits better.

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    Tozando is in Kyoto. Location and directions to their physical stores can be found here:


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      The shop's assortment looks good and even in English..!Thank you. Will soon check out one of its physical stores.


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        Osaka has Shogun Kendogu (Blake Bennett works there), my favorite is a really tiny shop near Teradacho Osaka Suzuki Kendogu.


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          So, the Tozando Shogoin Store is literally around the corner from the Kyoto Butokuden.

          For price shopping, you can compare against Masaharu Budogu which is right next to it.

          Meirin Sangyo is also right there.

          I don't know if the taxi service goes both ways, but my friend and I were able to get a free taxi voucher from the Tozando Main Store to their Shogoin Store which has more iai stuff.

          The Tozando store is absolutely beautiful, you'll love it there.


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            I took a couple of my students to both on our trip in November...both Meirin and Tozando are worth a visit, it helps if you have a japanese friend who can bargain for a discount...(I got 20%! woohoo!) I would also recommend a trip to Nijo castle, as there are two nice sword shops locally, one you cant miss, as its on the opposite corner, the other is on the way back to the station. Beware a visit to either will cost you as no doubt they will have lots of goodies you NEED...some stuff we dont see here, so grab it whilst you can...


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              'one you can't miss'

              I must have missed it last time I went to Nijo Castle

              Though I doubt the missus would have wanted to go look anyway


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                There's a large Kendo shop close to Tozando. Its on Tomoncho, walking East and on the left hand side of the road. It has a big glass front and can't be missed.