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Fukuoka University vs IBU?

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  • Fukuoka University vs IBU?

    Hi, I have this situation, and maybe some of you can give me an advice.
    I have the oportunity of going to IBU the whole year (special course) or supposedly go to Fukuoka University ( A friend talked to Andy Fisher and he invited us).
    I know it sounds great both but:
    -In Fukuoka
    i dont think I can stay so much time, because of money and I dont even know if they let me
    I just going to do kendo , and I dont even know how many times per day(In IBU you have japanese classes, etc)
    Fukuoka is far from any other city ,right?
    -In IBU
    Its a year!, and the relationship problems are just waiting ( is worth it?)
    Is IBU as good as Fukuoka Uni?
    Is it cheaper than Fukuoka (here I would live and eat in the campus)

    Im sorry if I bother someone quith this kind of cuestion, please i hope someone can tell me something. And sorry for mi english.

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    I can't comment on the schools or their kendo (although Kyushu generally has a reputation for ferocious kendo training), but I can say that Fukuoka is a pretty nice city. It has a lively city center but overall is compact enough that you don't have to go far to enjoy the countryside. So you get both worlds. Fukuoka U.'s Nanakuma campus itself seems to be in the outer suburbs but the train ride in seems relatively short. Kyushu is one of my favorite parts of Japan and it has an older more traditional feel than the Tokyo region (feels to me like it's stuck in the Meiji Period). About 20 or 30 years ago it didn't have expressways and the Shinkansen service only started a couple of years ago. Whereas back in the day it would take all day to drive from Fukuoka to Kumamoto or Nagasaki (both are great to visit), you can get to those places now in less than 2hrs. Beppu (Oita), Kagoshima, Shimonoseki are also worth a look and make doable weekenders. From Fukuoka there are discount airlines to other parts of Japan and to the Asian mainland. The airport is relatively close to the city center.

    IBU on the other hand is far from Tokyo center despite Katsuura being in the Greater Tokyo region. It's pretty much rice paddies, cow pastures, and forested hills until you get to Mitsui Outlet Mall on the Chiba side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line. Or you can leg it around the north rim of Tokyo Bay and again, just rice paddies, cow pastures, and forested hills for more than hour until you reach Chiba City (and another hour to get to Tokyo). Most discount airlines servicing Tokyo fly out of Narita as Haneda has less capacity. Narita is a bit of a pain to get to from Tokyo center (and probably takes similar time to reach from Katsuura).

    So basically you would be better connected to the rest of Japan being in Fukuoka than Katsuura. I dare say, a Fukuoka businessman can fly into Haneda quicker than an IBU student can get into Tokyo by bus or train on any given day. This is true of a lot of places that are on the outer edge of Greater Tokyo due to poor transport connectivity. I'll spare you the lecture on network theory that explains this phenomenon.