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  • Okinawa

    Hey does any one know of any doos in Okinawa. Especially near camp courtney?

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    [Cross-posted from a Kendo > Dojo thread]

    My family is moving to Okinawa this summer and we're looking for a good dojo. We'll be at Kadena Air Base ... the closest cities are Okinawa, Chatan, Gushikawa, and Ginowan.

    We've poked around the auto-translated version of so it's clear there's LOTS of options (which is a VERY pleasant change from here in Alabama!)

    Any recommendations? Thanks!


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      I'll be TDY there in the coming months... have you found anything? One English speaking friend would be immensely appreciated!


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        I'm in Okinawa. Maybe we can touch base when I get back from TAD and find some places.


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          I am in Okinawa. I have been here 7 yrs. There is a sports center/budokan near kadena Airbase. Koza Park. Mon/Th at 2000-2100 they do kendo. Its pretty much line up, bow in and get fighting. Its not your typically "family" dojo. Beginners are welcomed, as well as advanced practicioners. I visit there once in a while. Monday night there are few people that show up, it makes for a good time for some one on one with a 5-7 dan. usually there are about 4 that are are always there. Thursday is a larger crowd and you can expect to stand around 5-10 minutes waiting your turn (20-50 kendoist). Place to go is Naha Budokan on Mon Wed and Fri nights...busy place and high ranking instructors (Fri double what is at Kadena on Thur). There is also a dojo at the elementary school /middle school near Camp Courtney housing area. Wed and Sat night at the Koza park sports center they also do iaido. Most martial arts on Okinaw i am very familiar with. if you know john Anderson at Virginia Beach, he was one of my students years ago...To my knowledge there is one American at the Courtney location practicing, and one at the kadena location practicing...


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            I still don't know my way around Oki. Currently still on TAD, is there a Kendo shop around Oki? I did not bring my shinais because if the potential hassle. I'm going to send you a message with my contact info and questions, hopefully we can correspond.


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              There is one near Camp Courtney, another is located between Urasoe and Nishihara, road #241. Both these deal more Kendo, Jodo and Judo. Another near Shuri castle a little more costly, but deal with Iaido and Kendo. Best to get back fm TAD, and meet up so I can draw you a map.


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                Just curious, it sounds as if there is quite an international community in Okinawa for such a small place - is this because of the army base down there? I live reasonably close (if you don't count all the water) in Miyazaki and want to plan a trip down there eventually. Sounds as if the Kendo scene there is quite busy, is it pretty highly populated down there? How many days would you recommend to see the place properly? Sorry for all the questions! If it's all good I'd love to talk to you all more about the place and maybe stopping in to a practice once I figure out my next chance to travel! I've never done keiko with a foreigner before, I think it would be fun