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  • Ken[do] related spots in Japan

    Its rare tbat J start a post in KW-Forums but I am feeling a bit inspired today, and I am just of to keiko in 15 mins.

    The question is this - and its aimed in particular to the Japan based KW kenshi:

    Which kendo/budo related site in Japan has been the most enjoyable for you to date, and why?

    See, I went to Yagyu Village today after putting it of for some while, mainly because of its inacessability. I had an excellent time for about 3 hours while I meandered around the area.. and there was not one other single tourist!!

    Anyway, ive been to many historical sites in Japan, including ones related to famous swordsmen (I guess reigando and Ganryujima (Funajima) being the most infamous) but I never really got the "connection" ... until this morning that is! Even boght myself a funky Yagyu tenegui which I am going to wear at keiko just now.... because I need all the inspiration I can get!!


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    BUDAI!, you must go and see that hot spot. It's the most beautiful kendo school in Japan with a special 12 months "crash" course for future kendo leaders! It's only for the best of the best, because for many the impact is too big. Some gaijin recruits are recovering in an institution for years, some are forever missing after kangeiko and some became so nuts that they want to get back!


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      Gotta be Hiyoshi dojo for me - that place has probably stolen more sweat and blood from me than anywhere else. Since someone was kind enough to inform me of the existence of earth google on these very forums, I looked it up:

      35d33'11.14" N 139d39'03.49" E

      Anyone guess this one?

      38d35'46.34" N 139d50'18.19" E

      I looked for budai but the resolution of the rural maps doesn't appear to be up to the job.


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        not muuuuuuuch history their boys.. or not the sort im after at least. they are more like "the table football* machine where Gibbo and I defeated Eiga in Brussels" or "the toilet in Glasgow where I drunkenly swapped meishi with Miyazaki" ..... worthy of note, no doubt, and with a kind of history to it...but not what I am after!!!!!!!!!

        [* foosball in yankspiel]


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          i realised my problem... the wording of the question. here we go again:

          Which kendo/budo related HISTORICAL site in Japan has been the most enjoyable for you to date, and why?


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            The beautiful thing about Budai is that every year a group of baka bekkasei get the opportunity to write their own history, instead of looking at the history of other people's events from the ancient past!


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              Katori and Kashima Shrine

              I think that both the Katori and Kashima shrine are worth visiting if you are into Kendo and other sword related arts. The Museum at the Kashima shrine with the Sword of the Deity is a sight to see. (It's 2 meters long) I have also visited the temple where Chosai (Founder of the Katori Ryu) has practiced every day, it's not much nowadays and the temple is renovated with glass walls all around. But if you have a feeling for these things it is nice to have been there. I haven't got a clue anymore where it was or how it was called.
              I also enjoy the Kyoto Butokuden since Budo as we know it has (more or less) it's birthplace there.
              It is also nice to get a clobbering from all the nice and kind elderly Japanese gentlemen who roam around there every evening.
              The Yagyu village is also a nice one to visit, I will keep it in mind if and when I go there again.......................


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                Katori and Kashima have been on my list for a while. Last time I got to the Kanto area the only "dojo" I saw was the budokan.... looks like I have a place to go the 1st time I manage to slope into Kingofmyrrhs new abode! He will be wanting to go to some air-conditioned dojo with nice floors, and I will be dragging him to Chiba and Ibaraki to look at dusty old temples.

                Been to the butokuden loads. 1st time was good, but after that it didnt feel too spectacular. When I watched KW-Alex do the kata part of his rokudan there I was suitably impressed though ("there gonna do the kata section in the butokuden?!" i said). Maybe I have to get in there myself.....
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                  My favourite museum is LEGO Land in Den Mark! I recommend it to all you wild kenshi out there!


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                    Kashima is nice, we went for a gasshuku there.
                    However, I'm sticking with my original choice. One of the oldest university kendo clubs in the country, with famous teachers such as Mochida Moriji and Nakano Yasoji. To be perfectly honest, if there's no personal connection there then I'm not all that interested... I mean, historical kendo sites aren't exactly a big deal on the larger scale - they're no Auschwitz or anything similarly significant. I'm with Gonzo on this one.


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                      Originally posted by GeorgeMcCall
                      He will be wanting to go to some air-conditioned dojo with nice floors, and I will be dragging him to Chiba and Ibaraki to look at dusty old temples.
                      Get the train by yourself, old man! Apart from the big sword, there's not that much cool stuff at Kashima - certainly not enough to warrant the 3 hour journey. I'll take you to Noma or something if you really want some historical kicks... I wanna go where the great kenshi are, not where they were!


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                        cant tell what that is...

                        resolution is awfull for me
                        but what a cool program


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                          I think budai would be this

                          wild guess because you cant see anything.......

                          35.1607523921" N,140.321168212" E


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                            Originally posted by Kingofmyrrh
                            Get the train by yourself, old man!
                            old man! you cheeky little...


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                              Did anyone know I can raise the dead?

                              I'm surprised George McMoby didn't mention anything around Osaka. So much bloody-bloody-gush-gush happened around Tennoji, Sakai, and Osaka-jo. I've been most impressed thus far by all my local sites. Gifu-jo was also quite cool, the castle itself is rubbish but it's location and history are very remarkable.
                              I can say the least impressive site was Sekigahara.