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  • DC kendo history thread

    It was pleasant to read an article about kendo in my own local area!

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    I was very surprised to see that. It's nice to know some of the history of kendo in the area.


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      I will be honest it was kind of a difficult read. Dvorine Sensei is the father of kendo for this area and that part was great. It flowed pretty well until Kendo by the Bay. There was alot of information and some of it didn't really add extra to the article. Some of it felt like an advertisement and some of the comments could be taken personal. But I did like the effort and an article about kendo in our area.


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        I didn't think it was difficult to read, but I get your point. Whatever your opinion, it is really important that we record our regional kendo histories before too much gets obscured in the mists of time.

        I hope that more people will make the effort to record the kendo history of their zone. KW is very keen to support those who are keen to do this at a dojo, city, regional or national level.