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Internationalization of Budo Culture- Article for DOWNLOAD

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  • Internationalization of Budo Culture- Article for DOWNLOAD

    Stephen Nagy is finishing off his Ph.D. at Waseda University. He studies kendo and iaido and some other martial arts. His Ph.D. dissertation is related to Japan's policies of "internationalization", and this article which appeared in Kendo World in 2007 addresses various issues regarding the international dissemination of Japanese budo. You can download it at the following link.

    "Internationalization of Budo Culture- Important Questions for the Future of Budo" (by S. Nagy)- Kendo World Journal 3.4 (2007)

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    Interesting article. There is definately arrogance amoung Japanese to the internationalization of kendo. I think it is because we Japanese have a kind of complex that our culture will be taken from us. Its like we don't want foreigners to take it away from us, so we say that they could never understand the truth.