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  • expensiveee

    why is kendo world so expensive??
    40$ for 4 issues? 10$ per each issue!? how big are they anyway
    and shipping to canada would be 22$??
    so 62$ total... thats like almost 100$ canadian!

    im just a poor student... i would really like to read though

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    Hi Heroin,
    I subscribed two issues ago and find that it is worth every penny. The two issues I received to date include an awful lot of stuff. I read it cover to cover. Given that each issue was almost 100 pages long the 10$ is not surprising.
    For me the alternative would be to buy a Japaneese publication at about the same cost and try to figure out what they are saying with a dictionary. That is not much of an alternative is it.
    Take care,


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      Perhaps you could talk to your sensei about having your dojo subscribe to KW. You might have to wait for the magazine to do the rounds with your sempai, but the upside would be neglibigle cost.


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        Expensive vs Value

        What is expensive is relative to our situation. I remember well those days of being a student and for ten years, I thought food was expensive more less a magazine subscription. Perhaps someday when more and more people support Kendo World Magazine, they will offer a student subscription rate at a lesser cost. As for expensive I think KW is a great value for the investment. As in any martial there is no substute for physical training but training and using your mind is also important. Don't neglect food for the brain. A dojo subscription is one idea but encouraging the members of your dojo who can afford it to support KW is a positive step also. Let keep a good thing going by showing the support we can so as not to loose this valuable resource in the future. As for you students out there, train hard and study hard and the future will be easy. Jerry


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          Most school libraries (in my limited experience) subscribe to a variety of magazines. You might consider approaching the school to see if they will subscribe. If nothing else they might consider a year subscription to see if there is any student interest. That way you can read it and the school foots the bill and hopefully it wil/could encourage interest in Kendo in your school.


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            Also, the more people that subscribe, then the lower the cost can become in the future if there are more people supporting the magazine. With less readers, it will be more costly to keep the gig going, but as the magazine subscribers grow in number, then it becomes possible to put out the magazine at a lower cost for all.

            Tell your friends, and have them tell theirs, and in time, maybe the price can drop a bit.