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  • Why no stuff?

    Hi Guys.
    I'm really sorry to bring this up in the forums again. I still haven't recieved
    the books I ordered in january(!!), nor have I gotten my #3.4. I'm being totally ignored by customer service ( yes the svs adress ), although I think I've been as polite as can be expected in the now numerous mails I've sent.
    All this after having been repeatedly assured that swift action would be taken to get me my stuff.
    Why is this? It's getting increasingly annoying for me to beg for stuff I've paid for, almost a year ago.


    Martin Schioler

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    What company did you order from?

    Cancel the order, get a refund.


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      Right here.

      From right here at Kendo World.


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        Tell me it ain't so! We have a guy dedicated to the job of customer service inquiries. I will forward this link onto Tyler now and follow up with a phone call.


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          Hi Martin,
          Just got off the phone. It seems that the order was sent (to your work address?) but never arrived, and you guys have been in mail contact about that. Anyway, the order will be resent on Monday from Singapore, and you will be hearing from Tyler later on tonight by e-mail.


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            Thanks Alex, I'm looking forward to it.




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              hope this isn't an ongoing thing....

              i'm not waiting since january to get my order, but shipping says 5-7 days and so i'm now around day 15 (business days) or so..

              sent email to the customer service link alex provided in the sticky thread of this forum.. no response on that either...

              what gives?


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                Hi Tango,

                I am forwarding this thread onto the guys at customer_svs. It should be there by now. Anyway, one of the guys will be in touch shortly.


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                  done...thanks, brother...


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                    no offence to anyone but nearly a year to sort something out?? and he needed to be called by Alex...


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                      Hi there,

                      I'm not sure how to read your post, but was it sorted out?

                      We had a few issues to deal with, but they should be all resolved by now. If there are any issues that are not, please contact and CC me at so that I can double-check.

                      We have gone through a LOT of changes in the last 6 months. Now KW should be working like clockwork, and we appreciate your continued patience and patronage.


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                        Originally posted by Winter516 View Post
                        no offence to anyone but nearly a year to sort something out?? and he needed to be called by Alex...
                        By the way, are you a customer? Please let us know what it was you ordered and when so that we can track it down.


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                          no, im still tossing up wot i should get (grading book and a couple of issues of kendo world OR a subscription).

                          i was asking about how it took nearly a year to sort something out because i am curious as to if it is a common event and if your customer service is now responding?
                          (tango said above that he got no response)


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                            FWIW, I posted in this thread about midnight (my time) and when I got to work the next morning, I had been contacted directly by Komoto sensei (via PM here) *and* I did have a response from customer service in my regular email.
                            Everyone has been very apologetic about the problems with shipping..
                            My understanding is that KW was very dissatisfied with the warehouse group they were using to send out orders and they are in the process of changing warehouses.

                            anyway, so I ordered around November 20th or so and here it is January 5th with nothing yet received. In light of their changing warehouses in the middle of the holidays, I'm taking Komoto-sensei's request for a little more patience.
                            I'm not at all worried about KW making good on my order... I feel bad enough about bringing my issue up in public forum, but I also had initial problems sending email to the customer service address Alex provided, so I didn't think I had much other choice.

                            In any case, the wheels are turning and.... it's ok as far as i'm concerned.


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                              Thanks Tango, i find that most reassuring.