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  • Auto log-out

    I'm new to the forum and am currently reading through the 80 or so pages of Iaido threads. Why do I get randomly logged out all the time? I could understand if I stopped being active for 10 minutes or so to make a coffee or get some food etc, but I can be logged in one minute, click to another page and I'll be logged out!! It's not a major problem, just bloody annoying if I'm trying to post!!

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    Welcome, Yojimbo!

    What web browser/OS are you using?


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      Thank you.
      I'm not really "au fait" with computer terminology, but if I understand you correctly, I'm using Google Chrome on Windows 7.


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        I have this auto log out problem also, been the same ever since I joined KW. Running Win 7, with Google Chrome. Used to use Firefox, had the same issue there. I'd really like a cure, this gets irritating at times!


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          I used to have the same issue, but now I click the 'keep me logged in' or some such button when I log in. If you have strange cookie settings that might get rid of that more often though, so you will maybe still have to sign in if you leave the site, but I found it fixed the problem for me.


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            Usual cure for this sort of thing is log out, clear your cookies and cache, log back in and make sure you click the "keep me logged in" selection. Beyond that this is just a pretty vanilla vBulletin site running version 4.2 - a quick google doesn't show issues with Chrome but if you felt like researching it yourself...