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Top Quality Super KEIRYO Machine Stitched Kendo Bogu from E-bogu

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  • Top Quality Super KEIRYO Machine Stitched Kendo Bogu from E-bogu

    does anyone have this bogu? i'm looking to get a new bogu, around $600-700.

    I would get a normal one, but i was wondering if anyone has this bogu or have seen it around? Like, since it's from keikogi material, does it look weird? and is it really a lot ligher?

    also, this is only a 4mm, which, if you think about it, is kind of expensive for that price.

    What do you guys think? this or a normal 2mm.

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    A member of my club got this as his first bogu set. The kote looked a bit thin, but I'm assuming that this is a lightweight set mostly meant for shiai.


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      I'd go for a normal 2mm.

      If you want machine stitched, which is the most practical for most people, then go for a good higher stitch value set (3 - 2 mm). This will last much longer and give better protection than a flashy 4mm set.

      I agree it looks a bit thin, and I doubt that the protection will be that great.
      It's pretty for sure, but its quite expensive I think for the stitch.


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        i have their top quality 2mm set and it's great; takes a little breaking in and is quite stiff, but it's good. of course, i have no basis for comparison. :P


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          thank you for the help, i'll most likely buy a 3mm set from bogubag.