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Which of these two Bogu is the better?

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  • Which of these two Bogu is the better?

    Hello there,

    I'm buying my first bogu set after practicing for almost a year and I have my choice narrowed down to two sets on

    The first set is

    The other choice is this

    The first set is only about 15 bucks more than the second choice and the main differences are it seems to have a better Do and a deerskin Kote.

    The second set has a lightweight Men and Kote and the Kote also has special padding to fit to the face better. Also there is a good review for this bogu and also a blurb about it from the owner of bogu. It seems like this is the best deal for the money but I am still not sure if this is true.

    If anyone could compare and review the differences and tell me which one you would choose I would appreciate it.

    Domo Arigato Gozaimas,


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    I guess that bogu buying FAQ is worth 2.3 grams of rat poop.

    Quick answer, don't buy the lightweight bogu.


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      often times you can't make the "right" decision, only an "informed" decision. Maybe someone has compared the particular 2 sets of armor that you are asking. But in any case, why not read the "bogu buying guide" sticky that neil made and make your own "informed" judgement. Neil's been around for a while (almost longer than anyone else on this forum!!! hehhehehehe) so that's like decades of online forum experience. good luck,


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        The second one seems like one of those newfangled "breatheable", lightweight ones, suitable for hot climates.

        I'd unpick that ugly "" patch off the kote quicksmart.



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          It'd be best to get your sensei involved in your decision. My guess is that he/she wouldn't recommend a light-weight set.


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            They're both from the same supplier, why don't you call them up and ask which they recommend for you?


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              Thanks for the replies. I did read the FAQ before posting. I did learn a lot of information from it but it hasn't swayed my opinion of the armor in either direction much. Maybe I'll call the company and ask their opinion.



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                E-bogu is a really good supplier. I would call like Neil said. You sound very informed. Now you're going to have to take a chance and buy one. Good luck.


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                  if you get a light set of bogu, dont practice with a hangover


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                    ebogu has a sale on the 4/2mm right now..