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5/2.5mm Bogu

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  • 5/2.5mm Bogu

    Does anyone have this bogu? I ordered it and wanted to know what some other kendoka thought of it.

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    Well I got this set of bogu like 2 months ago, and I expected it to be kind of low quality for the price. But actually it is very nice, I was very happy with my order. Though there is a difference in protection from the 5mm to the smaller ones, I think this one is good for beginners, since it is a good deal now. But everything is still very nice looking, and still has good protection. If you are a beginner you should probalby go for this set.


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      I was thinking of getting that too. But someone from my dojo told me that if it's that cheap then it will look cheap. I want to get a new bogu, but if i get it from my teacher then it will cost me $600. He buys from I want one that costs less and is new. But 390 is very cheap. Does it look cheap? I want to fit in with the rest of the class. How do i know if it is of good quality?
      Please help me and reply soon. I feel a bit rushed to get my bogu. I was told I could a few weeks ago, and then since then some other people have gotten their bogu and my friends have already been in the advance group for about a month. I'd like to join them soon.