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  • Harmonized tariff code


    I am in need of some information and I hope I can obtain it through this forum. Anyone knows what is the Harmonized tariff code for bogu? This is the customs code used for the international trade of goods. It is a 8 or 10 digit code used to provide a standardized description for a given good. If anyone can help me with this information it will be greatly appreciated. If more detail is needed as to type of bogu, etc. please let me know.

    Once again thank you for the help.

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    I was thinking you could call one of the companies that sell bogu like E-bogu and they would be able to tell you.


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      or call customs


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        Calling custums won't do much good. They ask for that information it is your obligation to provide it or pay a service that does provides such a service. I wil try to contact the seller to see if they can provide the code. I was just wondering if anyone in this vast knowledge pool may already have that info since it is a standard international code.