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Which bogu should I get?

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  • Which bogu should I get?

    Which is better quality for the money?

    I'm also wondering about the do sizing. I'm 5'8'' and have a 29 inch waist. Which size should I go for...

    And should I get any of the protectors they add?

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    Why didn't you just tag this onto your other thread?

    1) Ask your sensei
    2) consult ebogu about size


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      Contact AOI Bogu and inquire whether they still have those white or navy 3mm Machine Stitch bogu sets with pre-made measurements. If they fit you, I would recommend you get it. It is really a bargain.
      If AOI do not have those bogu sets anymore, I would recommend you getting at least the 4/2 mm and not the 5/2.5 mm.


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        I really can't afford that. My budget is $350, and that is really pushing it right there. Is there a problem with the one I listed? Will it break in a year?


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          Nevermind, I take back the comments I made in the above post. The 5/2.5mm bogu set from e-bogu is a fine beginner set. Nonetheless, check with AOI Bogu to see if they still have their navy/white 3mm machine stitch bogu set in stock. They are 350/300 dollars respectively, with free shipping; granted that it is your correct size. If it is, it is quite a bargain. If not, I think you will be happy with the 5/2.5mm from e-bogu. Much luck, and remember never to give up.