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Choices to be made, a cry for help (my first bogu)

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  • Choices to be made, a cry for help (my first bogu)

    So I've been looking around for bogu, the first bogu I'll ever own and wear. And of course I want my first bogu to be acceptable so I can use it a couple of years.

    I live in Europe so a European supplier has my preference (lower shipping rates and no import taxes), I was looking at bogu from Nine Circles and Kendo24.

    Found two 4mm bogus and two 3mm bogus. I'm actually looking for some advice not only about these two suppliers (are they any good?) but also which of these sets would be better/last longer/better quality etc.

    The only bogu that has deerskin palms is the 3 mm ninecircles bogu.

    The bogus:

    2 4mm bogu
    Nine circles

    2 3mm Bogu

    Thank you in advance.

    If you like neither or would advice me to spend a little extra and go for e-bogu, tozando etc just let me know. All the help is appreciated.

    Of course I'll also ask my sensei but he didn't seem to have a favorite supplier (a lot of different bogu suppliers and a lot of different budgets in our dojo)

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    Due to ease of working with a local supplier & value for money, most of my dojo beginners end up with
    a 3mm machine stitched bogu from 9 circles. Very good kit, will last a little better than the 4mm but theres not a lot
    in it

    At this price point most bogu is korean / chinese made at least in part & is perfectly good for the job

    my recommendation to our students is to get a 3mm armour, it will last 2 - 3 years by which time it will either be a
    memento of 'when i did kendo' or pretty well worn. At this stage you will know what to get next !

    I have no experience of Kendo24 but the kit looks similar, however now the pound has gone to australia its not an attractive price :-)

    hope that helps



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      i dont know about kendo24,

      but i know that ninecircles bogu's are from kendoshop, which are really good
      lots of ppl where i train use them and i can recommend you for their service & quality-price relation


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        Thanks for the input, it makes the decision a little easier. I was leaning towards the 3 mm bogu from Nine Circles myself but I just wanted to have some more opinions and thankfully I got some. It will probably be the BGR-4 Ready Made Bougu Set 3mm NANAME ZASHI.
        It has a diagonal stitch that will make the bogu a little less stiff. Wearing it would be more comfortable and impacts on the bogu would be more dampened.

        The only thing left now is to take my measurements and order the bogu. I'm stoked that my sensei wants me to by bogu. Me being the first of the beginners group that will actually wear a bugo, I'll get a beat down fore sure