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  • BoguBag ?

    Hey folks , I could use some help in picking a BoguBag , I need a pretty big bag to fit Bogu and maybe clothes and other small stuff .Most important it should be able to carried like a backpack , if u know what I mean ?.

    So basicly a big backpack bogubag =)

    Any tips on where i should look or a special model


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    I have a bogubag you can carry on your back.

    It comes from "The Samurai" catalog, I can't give yoy any more details right now, but I'll ask next time I see the guy who orders stuff for the dojo.

    The bag costs aound 30 and I'm quite satisfied by it, I just hope your do isn't too wide......


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      I also wanna get a bogu bag to carry on my back... but... i travel by bus/train... the bag is just too big for me to squeeze thru in the bus/train. I also get those eyes starring at me... thus, i have to carry those hand carry bag...


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        Bujin design are very good for bags like that. They will customise for you too. From memory they have a couple of standard sizes. Alex has got them all, I think! A Yahoo search should bring their site up. Tell them you heard about them on our forum!



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          i have a bujin bogu bag too. very nice quality. though i now wish i had one of those duffle bags on wheels. these shoulders just ain't what they used to be.

          anyway, here's the link to the bujin store.