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    I just started kendo and I'm closer to trading in my sweat pants for a Kendo uniform. I've looked at and saw the Super Heikogi( It might be good during the summer as well when it'll get too hot and sweaty. I was just curious if anyone had any experience with this Heikogi or if they can reccommend a better one(not too expensive, though as like I said, I'm only a beginner).

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    ""This is another innovation by, Inc."

    Hah, running companies invented the idea of this type of fabric years ago. Everybody just has a different name for it. ^_^ Nike calles it Dry-Fit, e-Bogu calls it HiDriTex.

    I haven't actually tried this gi, however, I can tell you that as a runner I haven't ran into a company that has done that fabric wrong, it really does do what it says. However, you should still check into someone that has used it for a detailed opinion of what it is like.


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      It says "seikon dye" - what is that?


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        ooohh.. looks nice.. but expensive


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          I have this kind of keikogi from Bogubag:

          It's very good, they call it summer gi. Here in Brazil we have to deal with very hot temperatures, and this gi is perfect for this climate.

          The only problem is that you have to wash it more often.

          If you have any more questions please ask me!