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Beginner kote questions

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  • Beginner kote questions

    I just bought my first bogu set (second-hand) and I've tried it on. No major problems - but I do have minor questions.

    Whenever I put on the kote, the wrist part chafes as I pass my hand through it, and it feels a bit tight. Other than that it fits fine. Is that natural? There's some fibers leaking out so I thought I'd ask.

    Also, how long are kote supposed to be? Mine end at around 1/2 of my lower arm. Is that correct? Or is it supposed to be longer?

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    my kote are the same when i put them on. its a little (really little) bit tight for my hand to go through there, but its ok once i have it on

    your kote should be like this though!

    fibres come out from time to time, like a feather pillow :P, its not a problem, unless it is excessive!

    mine come to about 1/2 or maybe 3/4 of my forearm, im not sure how long they should be, but id say its ok!
    ask one of your sempai to have a look at it!


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      Thanks! Yeah, they're like that.