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Eiko Budogu?

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  • Eiko Budogu?

    I have read through all of the old Eiko threads, but has anyone dealt with them recently (as in the past 5 or so years)?

    Thank you in advance.

    Deciding between Miyako's "Sousho Gold" Men and Eiko's E-10.

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    I find them to be pretty good. They have a shop in ueno, and one of the staff visits my city fairly regularly.
    I've only bought shinai and dogi from them but their bogu sets look nice. Alot of the junior highschool students in my city use the "tonbo" bogu that they sell. And I want to get a set like it for my self.

    Both those men are probably pretty good. I dont know what the eiko one is made from, and I've no experience with the modern materials on miyako's men is like. So I can't recommend either.

    But. Miyako has English speaking staff. You might get better information/service that way. If your Japanese is good enough to deal with eiko then go for it. I'd rather do bogu business in a language I understand though!!

    Both shops are good, it's personal preference I'd imagine


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      Decided to go with Miyako, placing order on Men and Tare tomorrow.