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  • Men repair question

    Hello folks,

    One of those leather "cords" that attach the men to the mengane has split. It split right wear the men-buton joins the mengane near the bottom. It's the result of a kenshi attempting tsuki but obviously missed and broke the cord.

    Luckily it's not one of the cords near the top or elsewhere as I can get to it with some kind of replacement. Any ideas/feedback would be much appreciated.

    In the meantime, I'm thinking one of those small black cable ties.

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    got pics? ..if the damage is what i'm thinking and your men repair skills are as outstanding and non-existent as mine, i'd be emailing some kendo supplier about the cost for them to fix it....


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      Your talking about the leather lacing? That's the end point of the one true lace that laces the men gane to the men buton weaving through the big leather piece that goes around the entire men buton and back to the other side. It's normally tied in two spots right and the bottom one is broken. Hmm a cable tie is intriguing but you'll want to think really carefully about where you put the part of the tie that actually binds the tie... I can see another missed tsuki embedding that in your neck otherwise.


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        Thanks for the replies so far. Yes, the leather lacing around the mengane. It has broken right near the bottom. Of course, as mentioned above, the best course of action is to have it repaired properly, but I was wondering if anyone had experienced the same thing and had figured out a way to mend it without sending the darn thing off.

        I only have the one men as it is, and god knows how long it would take to get repaired.


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          Well, better have it repaired by someone who knows what he is doing... Using a broken men can lead to serious injuries to your head or neck/spine...