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  • Do-dai finishing

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if there is any kind of finishing on the Do-dai is going to scratch less or even don't get scratch at all. I'm thinking about getting a new Do sometime later and want something that would still looks good after a while. Same do is probably not an option as they are too expensive for me...

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    Hi ipkalium,

    The Do-dai that scratch and mark the least, tend to be the matte/ishime types, and even if they do get a mark, it is usually quite easy to buff it off with a dry cloth.

    However, if the finish is too rough (such as a Tataki-nuri Bamboo Do), then because they are so coarse, they can actually mark a lot more than you would expect. In any case, most synthetic 'Ishime' types are pretty resiliant. Kiji Do are also good at remaining mark-free, if you can afford a little more.

    Though, having said that - there is no such thing as a Do that is *completely* scratch-proof...


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      I happen to own a synthetic ishime type do-dai and in my experience it does scratch as easy as other do (or a possibly a little bit les) but the design and coarse surface of the do-dai makes the scratches less obvious and it is hard to see them without close inspection.

      And as Andy says, you'll never escape scratches so save yourself some headache and don't worry about it. A bogu is made to protect, not to be looked at after all.


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        Thanks for the info, Andy and J.S.

        Ishime was also something I considered. How about a synthetic same Do?


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          yeah, thanks for that info, andy.... several of us were thinking about getting a matte-finish, textured type of do-dai at some point in the future... i was thinking myself that it would seem pretty difficult for scratches to show, so i'm finding your knowledge/experience to the contrary to be enlightening... thanks!


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            Matte finish are more resistant to scratches, it's some VERY textured ones that don't.